How does the ISFILTERED Function (DAX) work?

ISFILTERED Function (DAX) returns TRUE upon direct filtering of columnName. If the column does not have a filter or if the filtering occurs because a different column is filtered in the same table or in a related table then the function returns FALSE.

ISFILTERED Formula Syntax


How do you use the ISFILTERED function?

It detects when a column has been filtered and can be used to set conditions when a column has been filtered.

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Considerations when using the ISFILTERED function

  • ColumnName is said to be directly filtered when a filter or filter is applied over a column; a column is said to be cross-filtered when a filter applied to another column in the same table or in a similar table influences the columnName by filtering the column.
  • The related function ISCROSSFILTERED (DAX) returns TRUE when filtering columnnName or another column in the same or related table.

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Formula examples using the ISFILTERED function

EVALUATE { CALCULATE ( ISFILTERED ( Sales ), 'Product'[Color] = "Red" ) }

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