ISBLANK Function (DAX)

How does the ISBLANK Function (DAX) work?

ISBLANK Function (DAX) checks if the value is null, and returns either TRUE or FALSE.

ISBLANK Formula Syntax

ISBLANK (<value>) 

How do you use the ISBLANK function?

ISBLANK returns true whenever its only argument is a blank expression.

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Considerations when using the ISBLANK function

When you use BLANK in a comparison, the conversion to 0 or to an empty string results in a positive match with these values. For this reason, comparing an expression to blank requires a specific function, ISBLANK, which returns true whenever its only argument is a blank expression.

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Formula examples using the ISBLANK function

//Sales to Previous Year Ratio  
=IF( ISBLANK('CalculatedMeasures'[PreviousYearTotalSales])  
   , BLANK()  
   , ( 'CalculatedMeasures'[Total Sales]-'CalculatedMeasures'[PreviousYearTotalSales] )  

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