ERROR Function (DAX)

How does the ERROR function (DAX) work?

The ERROR function (DAX) raises an error with an error message.

ERROR Formula Syntax


How do you use the ERROR function?

The ERROR function can be used to stop the execution of the calculation. 

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Considerations when using the ERROR function

If Excel detects that your Excel Formula or Function contains an error, it will return an error message (e.g. #VALUE!, #N/A).

The error message that you are presented with, provides information about the type and cause of the Excel formula error. It can therefore assist you with identifying and fixing the problem.

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Formula examples using the ERROR function

MEASURE DimProduct[Measure] = IF( SELECTEDVALUE(DimProduct[Color]) = “Red”, ERROR(“red color encountered”), SELECTEDVALUE(DimProduct[Color]) )

= IF( SELECTEDVALUE(DimProduct[Color]) = “Magenta”, ERROR(“magenta color encountered”), SELECTEDVALUE(DimProduct[Color]) )


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