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December 6th - 9th

DAX Accelerator


  • Use DAX to solve common analytical scenarios you will face everyday in the real world
  • Ability to collaborate with other data analysts during the week during workshops and through projects
  • Tons of resources and direction to maintain your skills through time
  • Live support throughout the week to improve your skills and development abilities
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December 14th

Power Query Route To M(astery): Challenge Yourself!

  • Apply practical knowledge of Power Query/M on different challenges
  • Discover routes others have taken and take inspiration from them
  • Illustrate key techniques in Power Query/M by working through the Challenges
  • Lose your fear of the M code and just have fun while boosting your skills in Power Query
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Management Insights - Enterprise DNA

December 16th

Architecting Power BI


  • Learn about your data architecture considerations and potential challenges
  • Build continuity and scale into your implementation of Power BI and the power platform
  • Get hold of practical resources and advice that you can use to replicate in your own environment

January 25th - 27th, 2023

eDNA Tools Accelerator


  • Learn to master skills and techniques that can be applied right now to your current work and environment
  • Become more proficient in combining all of the key elements to a high-quality report

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Industries Analytics & Applications Summit

November 16th - 18th

Regional Performance Reporting in Power BI

Power BI Accelerator (Subscriber-Only)

October 25th - 28th

Power Platform

Innovation Labs #3
October 5th - 6th

Power Platform


September 13th - 16th

eDNA's New Platform Onboarding

August 31st

Performance Insights Dashboard in Power BI

Business Intelligence Summit
August 24th - 26th

DAX Accelerator

DAX Accelerator


July 19th - 22nd

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