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Power Automate Masterclass

Discover how to use Power Automate to streamline and automate simple to complex tasks and business process flows with low / no code. As we are now in the age of automation, the one who can reduce cost and increase overall efficiency has the advantage.

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Power Automate Masterclass

Here's What You'll Get

With The Course

Over 8 hours of in-depth training videos

power automate course

Boost productivity without the need for coding

  • Save time and reduce costs associated with your business operations - all in a low code/no-code environment.

  • Varied contexts in extensive benefits of automation and guides through a series of hands-on, practical examples.

Details Of What You Will Learn

During This Course

  • Discover - the features and capabilities of Power Automate
  • Learn - how to perform connect operations between applications
  • Create - complex logic workflows for your business operations
  • Streamline - business process through automation with no code
  • Learn - the process of sharing and monitoring operations easily
  • Discover - how to integrate robotic process automation with your current processes
Power Automate Masterclass

This Course Module is Tailored for:

Data Analysts

Reporting Managers

Excel Users

Anyone who has little to no knowledge of Power Automate but is working with

business processes and workflows.


Utilize the key features within

Power Automate

Power Automate Masterclass
  • Setting up a Power Automate account
  • Understanding, creating, and modifying workflows
  • Error handling and debugging
  • Configuring different types of workflow triggers
  • Incorporating best practices into your flow development
  • Implementing advanced business process flows

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to the Course

  • What is Power Automate?
  • Features of Power Automate
  • Why Learn Power Automate?
  • Instructor Overview
  • Course Overview
  • What Is A Flow?
  • Types of Flows

2. Environment Setup

  • Environment Setup
  • Environment Walkthrough

3. Basic: Power Automate

  • Creating A Flow From A Template
  • Understanding Flow Templates
  • Running Your First Flow
  • Flow Detail Page
  • Flow Diagrams
  • Editing Your Flow
  • Edits And Tracking The Flow
  • Sharing Flows
  • Flows On Your Phone
  • Creating An Automated Flow From A Template
  • Connectors
  • Editing The Automated Flow Parameters
  • Twitter Flow In Action
  • Making Your Own Templates
  • Turning A Flow Off

4. Beginner: Power Automate

  • Creating A Flow From Scratch
  • Creating A Trigger
  • Creating An Action
  • Dynamic Content
  • Dynamic Content At Work
  • Testing Your Flow
  • Introduction To Expressions
  • Expression Exercise And Testing
  • Tips And Tricks To Develop And Test Your Flow
  • Use Case Of Adding Actions
  • Adding Multiple Actions
  • Modifying Action Parameters
  • Adding Trello Cards And Testing New Actions
  • Advanced Options On Actions
  • Setting Data Using Expressions Dynamically
  • Retweet A Tweet
  • Proof Of Automated Tweet Bot
  • Introduction To Built-in Functions
  • Introduction To Conditions
  • Example Of A Condition
  • Testing A Condition
  • Scheduled Flows
  • Example Of A Scheduled Flow
  • Running Scheduled Flows
  • Delay Action

5. Intermediate: Power Automate

  • Different Input Types
  • Applying Different Input Types
  • Testing Different Input Types
  • Triggering Using PowerApps Application
  • Testing PowerApps Integration
  • Handling Errors With PowerApps Application
  • Introduction To HTTP Requests
  • Making HTTP Trigger Requests
  • Testing HTTP Trigger Requests
  • Parallel Branches
  • Introduction To Approvals
  • Creating A Simple Approval Flow 1
  • Creating A Simple Approval Flow 2
  • Testing Approvals
  • Approvals On Your Phone
  • Multi-Option Approvals
  • Multi-Option Approvals In Action
  • Introduction To Documentation
  • Documentation Process
  • Expression Function Reference
  • Built-In Functions Overview
  • Creating Switch Statements
  • Switch Statements In Action
  • Terminate Action
  • Apply To Each Function (Loops)
  • Apply To Each Function In Action (Loops)
  • Introduction To Do Until Function (Loops)
  • Do Until Function Setup (Loops)
  • Do Until Example (Loops)
  • Introduction To Variables
  • Variable Manipulation
  • Variables In Action 1
  • Variables In Action 2
  • Comparing Variables
  • Do Until With Variables (Loops)
  • Variable Error Handling
  • Testing Variable Flow
  • Advanced HTTP And Requests
  • Advanced HTTP And Requests Setup
  • Data Operations - Parsing JSON
  • Data Operations - Parsing JSON In Action
  • Schedule Connector
  • Transformative Connectors
  • Transformative Connectors Example
  • Button Trigger Tokens
  • Button Trigger Token Example

6. Advanced: Developer Mode

  • Good Development Practices - Analytics
  • Good Development Practices - Copy and Paste
  • Good Development Practices - Naming
  • Good Development Practices - Static Results
  • Static Results - Documentation
  • Using Physical Buttons To Trigger Your Flow
  • Triggers Based On Location
  • Good Error Handling
  • Error Handling Context
  • Error Handling Through Parallel Branching
  • Introduction To Scopes
  • Using Scopes For Error Handling
  • Expression Overview
  • Expression Environment Setup
  • String Functions - Concatenate
  • String Functions - Substring
  • String Functions - indexOf
  • String Functions - Split
  • String Functions - Split 2
  • Collection Functions
  • If Statements
  • Logical Comparison Operators
  • Other Expression Functions
  • Format Datetime Functions
  • Introduction To UI Flows
  • UI Flows - Requirements 1
  • UI Flows - Requirements 2
  • UI Flows - Requirements 3
  • Setting Up The UI Environment
  • Creating Your First UI Flow
  • Looking At UI Flow Code
  • Modifying UI Flow Code
  • Running Your First UI Flow
  • Integrating Inputs Into Your UI Flow
  • Testing Inputs In Your UI Flow
  • UI Flow Outputs
  • Creating And Testing UI Flows With Outputs
  • UI flows vs. UI Flow Connectors
  • Integrating UI Flows With Other Flows
  • Setting Up The On-Premise Gateway
  • Logging Into Gateway In UI Flows
  • Example Of Integrating UI Flows
  • Running UI Flows In Broader Flow Diagrams
  • Complex UI Flow Example Overview
  • Complex UI Flow Example 1
  • Complex UI Flow Example 2
  • Running Complex UI Flow
  • UI Flows Using Selenium IDE
  • Selenium IDE Example
  • Running Selenium IDE Example
  • Introduction To Business Process Flows
  • Introduction to Common Data Service (CDS)
  • CDS And Entities
  • Create Your Own CDS Environment
  • Setting Up CDS Infrastructure With Permissions
  • Create A New Entity
  • Adding Fields To The Entity
  • Adding Fields To Forms
  • Modifying Fields In Forms
  • Business Process Flow Environment
  • Business Process Flow Diagrams
  • Create A Flow Stage With Data Steps
  • Adding A Condition To A Form
  • Finishing The Business Process Flow
  • Validate And Activate The Business Process
  • Running A Business Process Flow
  • Fixing Errors In Business Process Form
  • Check The Entity In Business Process Flow
  • Integrating Business Process Flows With Other Flows 1
  • Integrating Business Process Flows With Other Flows 2
  • Integrating Business Process Flows With Other Flows 3
  • Running Your Integrated Business Process Flow
  • Validating Your Business Process Flow

What our Students Say

Your Instructor

Henry Habib

Henry Habib

  • Improved processes and facilitated organizational change using both standard and bespoke tools (Power Platform, data analytics, custom-built programs, etc.) for over 6 F500 companies spanning financial services, retail, and telecom
  • Led training and employee-tool empowerment sessions (SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate) for several organizations, the most recent being a large governmental organization of over 6,000 members, with advisory add-ons
  • Accomplished Power Platform and Office 365 trainer (specializing in SharePoint, Power Apps, and Power Automate), with over 100 hours of recorded content and over 30,000 paid students on e-learning platforms
  • Background in Accounting and Finance, with a specialization in Economics

Frequently Asked Questions

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