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Optimizing DAX

Take this course to master key data modeling and DAX concepts and techniques to optimize performance in Power BI. Developing data models to support optimal performance of your Power BI reports. Understand the techniques to optimize your data model Implement methods to improve DAX code to increase performance

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 Optimizing Dax, Course on DAX concepts and techniques

Here's What You'll Get

With The Course

Over 3 hours of

video training

1x demo data sets to practice DAX formula development

Optimizing Dax

Master key data modeling and dax techniques to optimize your performance

  • Teaches you best practices for developing data models. You will also learn how to diagnose and resolve performance bottlenecks in your DAX measures.
  • Explains in plain language how the DAX calculation engines work.

Details Of What You Will Learn

During This Course

  • Learn - best practice techniques when using the query editor
  • Learn - how to diagnose the root cause of a slow measure
  • Understand - the techniques to optimize your data model
  • Implement - methods to improve DAX code to increase performance
 Optimizing Dax

This Course Module is Tailored for:

Data Analysts

Reporting Managers

Excel Users

This course is for those who have little to no knowledge about Optimizing DAX and want to improve their report performance.


Utilize the key features within Optimizing Dax

 Optimizing Dax
  • Best practices in developing DAX expressions
  • Use correct method for developing data model
  • Solve bottle neck issues that cause slow performance
  • Develop optimizations of DAX patterns
  • Visualize the outcome of DAX formulas

Course Curriculum

1. Course Resource Pack

  • Course Resource Pack

2. Introduction to the Course

  • How to get certified for this course?
  • Resource Pack
  • Topics We Will Cover
  • Download Files and Change Parameter

3. What is VertiPaq

  • Resource Pack
  • DAX Query Structure
  • What is VertiPaq
  • Columnar Storage
  • Types of Compression Overview
  • Value Encoding
  • Dictionary (Hash) Encoding
  • Run Length Encoding (RLE)
  • RLE on Dictionary Encoded Columns
  • Segmentation
  • Data Model and Relationships
  • General Best Practices

4. Intro to DAX Studio

  • Resource Pack
  • What is DAX Studio
  • Tour of DAX Studio

5. VertiPaq Analyzer in DAX Studio

  • VertiPaq Analyzer- Table Metrics
  • VertiPaq Analyzer- Table-Column Metrics
  • VertiPaq Analyzer- All Columns Metrics
  • VertiPaq Analyzier-Relationships and Referential Integrity

6. What's Under the Hood

  • Resource Pack
  • DAX Query Structure Part 2
  • Two Engines Comparison
  • DAX Studio and the Two Engines

7. Logical and Physical Query Plans

  • Resource Pack
  • DAX Query Plan Steps 1.a
  • DAX Query Plan Steps 1.b
  • Logical Query Plans
  • Physical Query Plans
  • VertiPaq Operators
  • Intro to Storage Engine Queries

8. Deeper Dive into Storage Engine Queries

  • Resource Pack
  • Implied GroupBy
  • What is this RowNumber?
  • xmSQL Aggregations
  • xmSQL Mathematical Operations
  • xmSQL and Filter
  • xmSQL and Filter on Ranges
  • xmSQL and Join
  • Identifying Context Transition

9. Measuring Query Performance

  • Resource Pack
  • Setting up DAX Studio
  • What are Data Caches?
  • Materilization, the Later the Better
  • CallBackDataID: What is it?

10. Time to Start Optimizing

  • Resource Pack
  • VertiPaq Cache
  • Sub-expression Detection
  • Where's the bottle neck
  • Mitigating CallBackDataID
  • Variables
  • Watch out for Context Transition

What our Students Say

Your Instructor

Nick Moné

  • Skilled in creating complex data models, such as a Sales table and a Budget table.
  • Expertise in utilizing Power Query to take data in any form and transform it into tabular format.
  • Capabilities to take seemingly unyielding complex scenarios and break them down into easier digestible smaller parts.
  • Ability to see how all the Power BI products (Power Query, DAX, Power BI) function together ecosystem.

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