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An Introduction To Deneb: Declarative Visualization in Power BI

The course is composed three main sections as follows:

  • Theory - general descriptions of some of the features of the Deneb visual and the Vega-Lite language,
  • Practice - specific characteristics of some common visual types in Vega-Lite, and
  • Examples - a few illustrative showcases of start-to-finish Deneb visuals
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July 2022

Power Platform Certification
PL-900 (1 of 3)

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Learn by seeing how it's done with an unmatched resource offering. Review pre-built advanced models & use demo datasets for practice. Copy visualization ideas from well constructed reporting applications

  • We have over 70 detailed Power BI models and reports across a range of different scenarios
  • Resources made available to inspire analytical thinking and development possibilities
  • Learn how high-quality Power BI models and reports are developed
  • Review what it takes to create compelling reports and visualizations
  • Master analytical work in Power BI across a wide range of data scenarios
  • Learn how to combine multiple key functionality in Power BI
  • Learn how to use Power BI to solve real-world analytical challenges
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