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Enterprise DNA's Social Responsibility

Enterprise DNA’s purpose as an organization is to Empower Power BI Users to Change Their World.

Our Approach

Our approach to social responsibility includes empowering the people that work at Enterprise DNA as well as our broader Enterprise DNA community to give back to their own communities. We operate our organization in ways that are socially responsible and environmentally sustainable and aim to provide access to our learning to a broad range of individuals and groups including not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions.

We bring our commitments to life through our values, culture and our policies and practices related to the environment, our community and our professional standards.

Sponsorship Program

We partner with a range of not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, and user groups. The aim of this program is to make Enterprise DNA’s training more widely available by providing sponsored subscriptions for our partners to distribute within their networks.

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Scholarship Program

We have a scholarship program, created to make Enterprise DNA's training more available to individual Power BI users around the world. This program aims to build exceptional Power BI users through our world class training platform and includes ½, ¾ and full scholarship opportunities.


"My goal is to teach others that you have almost unlimited analytical power when harnessing all the features in Power BI. Come join me on this journey to rid the world of terrible reporting, instead produce amazing insights that actually create value for your organisations and yourselves. There are many ways to learn from me. Keep track of all that's going on through your most utilised social media platform. I update these almost everyday to keep you informed on everything that's happening with Power BI and with Enterprise DNA."

Sam McKay, CFA - Founder, Enterprise DNA

Giving Back To Communities

Every year we are proud to work with numerous not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions that are addressing some of the world’s most pressing societal challenges.

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