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Sam McKay, CFA

Founder, Enterprise DNA

I started Enterprise DNA with a mission to empower users to complete amazing work with Power BI. In every way possible I'm doing this and seeing it achieved by those who I have educated through a number of content mediums.  

I know that if learnt and used effectively individuals are going to really create huge value not only for themselves but for the organisations and teams they work in. I'm seeing it happen time and time again. Power BI is changing the game out there for analysts, and those moving up the education curve are quickly becoming the go to people within their teams and business functions.  

Power BI is a seriously powerful analytical tool and I focus much of my energy teaching others in a really practical and commercial way to create really valuable analytical work. I do this in many ways and through many virtual venues.  

Firstly my authority courses and resources at Enterprise DNA Online are where all my structured learning modules are located. There is an immense amount of content and resources available to those interested in becoming real Power BI super users, so certainly check it out if you haven't already.  

I also put a lot of content out there on the web around a wide range of topics, tips and techniques to use within Power BI. These include, Enterprise DNA TV (YouTube), Enterprise DNA Blog, free training at Enterprise DNA Online, Free Webinars, Free Learning Summits, Power BI Community Blogs, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups and many other online mediums. Certainly utilize these content mediums as much as you can, and also definitely connect on the social platform of your choosing to get many updates about all things Power BI from me. 

My aim is to educate, in some way, every Power BI user around the world, so thanks for helping spread the message around the analytical movement that we're creating with Power BI!  

I feel like it's only just starting. Power BI is going to become the go to analytical platform globally for many years to it's great to be connected at the beginning of this journey. 

Make sure to connect with us in some way and join this analytical movement we're creating with Power BI! 

If any questions about what we do and how we can assist you in your Power BI work feel free to send through an email to - [email protected]

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Enterprise DNA is empowering thousands of Power BI users to create compelling Power BI dashboards & reports. Connect and become part of the analytical movement we're creating

"Enterprise DNA has allowed me to learn at a rapid pace and improve my analysis using Power BI tremendously. Sam and Enterprise DNA has been a helpful and knowledgeable companion on my Power BI journey!"

Matt Ballinger

"I joined Enterprise DNA 4 months ago and in that time my Power BI skills have gone from very slight to advanced because of the fantastic tutorials and learning materials available. I have found the resources absolutely invaluable in moving my reporting and analysis techniques to levels I didn’t think were possible."

Chris Elliott

"I have found Sam's training and enthusiasm truly empowering. By showing me best practice methods (the 4 pillars) of developing Power BI solutions and with great demos full of useful things that I can adapt to my own work, he has thrown open new opportunities working with something that I really enjoy." 

Michael Woodman

"I cannot thank Sam and his team enough for all the wonderful and thorough videos. They were immensely helpful in taking my basic PowerBI understanding to the next level. His videos on financial analysis/ segmentation/ forecasting were simply superb. Look forward to all his many more PowerBI videos. Thanks again Sam!!."

Pavan S

"The courses offered by Sam have inspired me to acquire new skills that will will ensure I offer my company a new perspective on reporting and analysis. I aim to continue my growth and knowledge through Enterprise DNA which has an awesome methodolgy of teaching Power BI . Thank you so much Sam."

Dave Koster

Due to my learnings from Sam @ EnterpriseDNA I have managed to change the Domain that I have worked in for 30 Years and land my DREAM job as a Supply Chain Analyst for a Multi National. I can’t thank you enough Sam your content is amazing (nothing like it out there).

Chris T 


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Learn Power BI dashboard development visualization techniques via free training from Enterprise DNA

Details of what you will learn:

  • How to use Power BI as an analytical engine
  • How to automate analysis and reporting 
  • How to apply Power BI and DAX to find answers 
  • Find the insights that make a difference
  • Develop compelling visualisations
  • Develop a best practice Power BI model
  • Publish and utilise the Power BI online service

Details of what you will learn:

  • What DAX is and why you need to learn it
  • Formula syntax, writing comments & variables
  • How the data model and DAX calculations work together
  • What the most important concept of DAX is - CONTEXT
  • What the CALCULATE statement does
  • What table functions are and when to use them
  • Time intelligence functions
  • The importance of learning DAX well

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