Utilizing Small Analytical Teams In A Big Organization With Bharath Natarajan [Ep 25]

In this episode, Bharath Natarajan talks about how we can successfully utilize small analytical teams in a big organization. 

He also talks about how to deal with challenges like complex data models, legacy systems, and ensuring that everybody is on the same page.  

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • Bharath Natarajan’s analytical background 
  • How to utilize small analytical teams in a big organization 
  • How to deal with complex data models and legacy systems 
  • Training users is the only way to scale in a large company 
  • Leveraging a single, centralized data lake 
  • Implementing intelligence automation in your organization  
  • Big wins on analytical projects that will inspire others  
  • Dealing with data coming from multiple sources  
  • Moving your tools to tech stacks 
  • Scaling your data pipelines to prevent bottlenecks 
  • Exciting things to expect in the future of analytics space 

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