Stream Analytics With Anirudh Kuthiala [Ep 24]

In this episode, join Anirudh Kuthiala of Groupon as he talks about the importance of stream analytics when it comes to detecting relevant patterns and developing insights real-time to enable data-driven decisions.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • What is stream analytics?  
  • Generating value from your data 
  • Batch analytics vs real-time streaming 
  • You cannot venture into stream analytics without having a solid foundation in reporting analytics 
  • Four questions to ask in your data analysis 
  • Tools and stacks used in stream analytics 
  • The role of APIs in analytics 
  • The difference between batch and stream analytics 
  • The best tools for telling a story 
  • Examples of huge wins in stream analytics 
  • Consuming data once a day vs multiple times a day  
  • Opportunities in the analytics space  

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