How To Prioritize Data Initiatives With Juan Orozco [Ep 10]

Listen to Sam McKay and Juan Orozco of US Foods as they talk about how you can prioritize the various data initiatives you want to implement in your own organization. 

In this episode, they also discuss how you can decide on the best initiatives to focus on when dealing with massive amounts of data. You’ll also learn strategies on building a modern analytics stack, and find out if data hubs will benefit your organization.  

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Juan Orozco’s business intelligence background
  • Service level and inventory optimization
  • Descriptive analytics & diagnostic analytics  
  • How to decide what data initiatives to focus on
  • Conducting data methodology in sprints 
  • Building a data analytics stack
  • The impact of data analytics tools
  • Data governance strategies
  • Exploring the benefits of data hubs 
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