Inside Microsoft Power BI Customer Advisory Team with Chris Webb [Ep 50]

After decades of experience in the BI world, Chris Webb’s goal is to help large Power BI customers through his work at Microsoft and act as their voice, but the challenge is to balance making the tool easy to use while promoting best practices. 
Chris Webb is an experienced Power BI expert working at Microsoft on the Power BI customer advisory team. He has been working with Microsoft BI since 1998 and is passionate about helping organizations create immense value with data. 

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This is Chris Webb’s story…

Chris Webb is a celebrity in the Power BI world, having been involved in the Microsoft BI world since 1998. He works in the Power BI Customer Advisory team at Microsoft, helping large customers be successful with Power BI. Chris believes the product was perfected when Power BI 2.0 was released, making it a highly successful product. Chris and his team are committed to listening to user feedback and have built many great features in the last two to three years, particularly enterprise features. They have to balance making the tool easy to use and accessible with promoting best practices. 

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How has Microsoft’s Power BI team been able to revolutionize their product and make it successful? 
  2. What strategies can be used to make the transition to Power BI easier for users? 
  3. What techniques can be used to optimize the DAX experience and simplify the use of Power BI?

Topics Covered: 

  • 07:42 A Customer-Centered Approach to Power Bi Development 
  • 10:51 Customers’ Most Common Feedback 
  • 13:57 Power Bi Development Team’s Current Challenges 
  • 18:37 DAX and Data Modelling  
  • 23:10 Upcoming Enhancements to Power Bi Data Visualization 
  • 26:54 the Microsoft Classic Solution: Empowering the Partner Ecosystem 
  • 28:53 Insights on Power BI Feature Development 
  • 32:47 Chris Webb’s Career Development (From Blogging to Consultancy to Being Part of Microsoft) 
  • 38:14 Power Bi’s Interesting Position Between Power Platform and Azure Data Platform 
  • 41:46 Exciting Things to Look Forward to in Power BI 

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