Business Intelligence as a Service Solution with Erik Svensen [Ep 43]

A business intelligence (BI) service facilitates the use of structured data in order to enable data-driven decision-making across the organization. It is an end-to-end service that handles the extraction, organization, and maintenance of data.

So if you’re a small business with limited IT resources or someone who’s interested in exploring this service model using Power BI, this episode’s for you. There’s more to Power BI than building a consulting business. 

Erik Svensen, a Microsoft Business Intelligence specialist, and Microsoft MVP data platform. He is also the founder of CatMan Solution, a Power BI consulting company based in Northern Europe, and a Microsoft Gold Partner for Data Analytics. The company offers business analytics consulting, design, and implementation of tailor-made data analytics solutions to mid-to-large CPG organizations throughout Northern Europe and the world. The organization’s mission is to enable companies to adopt a data-driven culture through the use of Power BI, thereby helping them perform better.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • Explore another business model using Power BI
  • Challenges in data architecture as a result of recent developments in tools and features related to Power BI
  • Data Integrations using Power BI
  • Importance of understanding Data Models

Key Takeaways

“You need some practice [creating Data Model]. And if you only build one data model in your life, then you don’t have the practice. So talk to someone who has done more than one.”
Erik Svensen

Connect with Erik Svensen

CatMan Solutiion:
Twitter: @donsvensen

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