The Benefits Of The Power BI Service In An Enterprise Setting With Andrew Swan [Ep 27]

In this episode, Andrew Swan talks about how implementing analytics and incorporating data can greatly transform the way law firms work. Andrew also talks about how data governance can deliver great value for organizations in the long run. 

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • The analytical potential within a global firm
  • How a water cooler discussion brought siloed groups together to create a cross-functional data-driven group 
  • It’s not just meeting the goals, but evaluating if we have the right goals 
  • How the Power BI service ecosystem can help make data more available 
  • How the Power Platform has evolved around Power BI 
  • Challenges and quick wins when implementing data strategies 
  • How data ownership drives better outcomes 
  • The importance of having a central BI development team 
  • What is the future for traditional tools like Excel and PowerPoint? 
  • Exciting things ahead for advanced analytics 
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