Building An Automated Machine Learning Platform To Create A Better Data Culture With Shashank Kalanithi [Ep 34]

Data is among the most valuable resources in an organization. The data analysts extract insights from said data to make smart business decisions. Analysts, however, can only work so fast. To extend the capabilities of Shashank’s team of data analysts, they developed a proof-of-concept based on machine learning to automate the analytics process and significantly accelerate the generation of actionable insights. 

Shashank Kalanithi is a Senior Data Analyst at Nordstrom in Seattle, Washington, United States. In this episode, you’ll hear about his journey to becoming a Data Analyst despite having a Chemistry degree. His role on the Nordstrom Strategic Analytics Team, and their exciting project on building out an Automated Machine Learning Platform that augments the abilities of individual data analysts.  

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • The four basic steps for improving the efficiency of data discovery in an organization. 
  • Shashank and his team’s approach to query stitching.  
  • Learn the benefits of data analytics for your business.  
  • The significance of the Data Warehouse and Data Pipeline in improving the organization’s decision-making culture.
  • Understand why standardization is critical to effective data automation.   
  • Discover why data analysts will be among the most in-demand jobs in the future and why it’s a beautiful field to be in. 

Key Takeaways

“You get your data warehouse. Get all your data in one place and then start cleaning it bit by bit, making these clean data marks that people can pull data from and make a clean report that directors can take their meetings. That way you get upper-level management buy-in”
– Shashank Kalanithi

“You need to make your analytical products, a joy to use, you know, the best products I’ve ever created were the ones that directors were excited to use. And when a director is excited, then you know, then it’s smooth sailing over there because they’ll just keep giving you ideas and giving you resources to execute on those ideas.”
– Shashank Kalanithi

“Automation lies downstream from Standardization.”
– Sam McKay

“The easiest path to increase your salary or increase your worth, right at this point in time with all of the trends that are  happening in every single business right now is to bring an analytics, bend to what you’re doing, to bring an analytics, focus, bring more data related decision-making into your routine, into your business area, into your business function.”
– Sam McKay

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