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Analytics Generalist

This path is similar to the Data Analyst learning path above, but is geared to building a strong and broad foundation of data analysis skills, as compared to being more specifically focused on passing the PL 300 exam.

Advanced Analytics in Power BI

About This Path

In this learning path you will gain practical skills and techniques for completing high-quality analytical work using Power BI.

You will learn the art of developing effective Power BI reports that highlight key insights and tell a compelling story

around your data.

You will also learn how to manage medium to large sized datasets. How to transform and optimise the data for a more initiative experience when developing your data models, DAX calculations and report visualizations within Power BI desktop.

You will learn how to visualise your analysis, showcasing important insights in an engaging way. Through practical learning examples and report showcases you will quickly become a better data communicator within your own environment.

Working within an organisation brings a lot of variety to the data you may need to manage and analyze. That’s why through this learning path it’s important to get a diverse skillset covering a range of different analytical scenarios and data types. You’ll learn how to apply a comprehensive set of essential concepts for quality Power BI development.

Who Should Take This Path

  • Data analysts who like flexibility in their role in the organization
  • Students who want to have a strong analytical skill
  • Business owners who want to understand their business

What Are The Path Requirements

  • Power BI account for Power BI Desktop

and Power BI Service

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Meet Your Instructor

Sam Mckay

Sam is Enterprise DNA's CEO & Founder. He helps individuals and organizations develop data-driven cultures and create enterprise value by delivering business intelligence training and education on Microsoft’s Power BI platform

He partners with business decision-makers and analysts across all industries and business functions.

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