Linear Gauge by MAQ Software

Compare progress against identified goals and warning zones


Setting targets upfront and working towards them over a period is common in all industries across all functions. Linear Gauge by MAQ Software shows progress toward a target value, such as achieved sales versus targeted monthly sales. This visual allows users to include multiple data points, which is useful to illustrate trends such as monthly or year-to-date (YTD) completion rates. Information displayed includes the present value, percentage toward completion, and two optional trend values.

Business Use Cases:

  • Financial Services – Track budget consumption against allocated budgets for the year or quarter.
  • Sales – Track daily or weekly progress against sales goals for the quarter
  • Marketing – Track their progress on impressions, views, and clickthrough against the marketing campaign’s targets
  • Operations – Track their daily throughput and output against their daily or weekly goals

Key Features:

  • Set the minimum and maximum value of the metric
  • Customize the color of the gauge and data labels
  • Choose from six-unit options for the metric
  • Added gradient background color, highlighting the percentage progress
  • Implemented hierarchy feature using drill down to display different levels of data
  • Added animation effect to display current progress on visual load
  • Added target value marker
  • Added zoom in on hover feature for target line and marker
  • Added separate tool tip for each category
  • Added option to change the target label position
  • Bookmarks supported

What’s New in 3.5.3:

  • Ability to change color when target value is equal to actual value
  • Support to display values in the given locale
  • Limit on font sizes
  • Resolved rounding off issue in tooltip
Add-in capabilities

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