How does the TIMEVALUE function (DAX) work?

The TIMEVALUE function (DAX) converts a time in text format to a time in datetime format.

TIMEVALUE Formula Syntax


How do you use the TIMEVALUE function?

The TIMEVALUE function creates a time in serial number format from a date and/or time in an Excel text format. TIMEVALUE will return a decimal number between 0 and 0.99988426, representing 12:00:00 AM to 11:59:59 PM.

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Considerations when using the TIMEVALUE function

When the time_text argument is a text representation of the date and time, the function uses the locale and date/time settings of the client computer to understand the text value in order to perform the conversion. Most locales use the colon (:) as the time separator, and any input text using colons as time separators will parse correctly. Review your locale settings to understand your results.

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Formula examples using the TIMEVALUE function



=TIMEVALUE(“22-Aug-2011 6:35 AM”)

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