How does the SELECTCOLUMNS function (DAX) work?

The SELECTCOLUMNS function (DAX) adds calculated columns to the given table or table expression.


     <table>, <name>, <scalar_expression>, [<name>, <scalar_expression>] …

How do you use the SELECTCOLUMNS function?

The SELECTCOLUMNS function simply takes some column / columns from another table and create a new table from them.

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Considerations when using the SELECTCOLUMNS function

A table with the same number of rows as the table specified as the first argument. The returned table has one column for each pair of <name>, <scalar_expression> arguments, and each expression is evaluated in the context of a row from the specified <table> argument.

SELECTCOLUMNS has the same signature as ADDCOLUMNS, and has the same behavior except that instead of starting with the <table> specified, SELECTCOLUMNS starts with an empty table before adding columns.

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Formula examples using the SELECTCOLUMNS function

SELECTCOLUMNS(Info, “StateCountry”, [State]&”, ”&[Country])

= SELECTCOLUMNS ( Products,”Product-NoOfUnits”,Products[Product]&” – “&Products[Units Sold])


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