How does the REMOVEFILTERS function (DAX) work?

The REMOVEFILTERS function (DAX) clears filters from the specified tables or columns.


     [<table> | <column>[, <column>[, <column>[,…]]]]

How do you use the REMOVEFILTERS function?

This function is useful and it does exactly what its name suggests. Its purpose is to act as a table filter parameter inside CALCULATE().

The REMOVEFILTERS can only be used to clear filters but not to return a table.

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Considerations when using the REMOVEFILTERS function

When you use REMOVEFILTERS with no arguments, you ignore filters from the entire data model.

In a sense, REMOVEFILTERS is to ALL what RELATEDTABLE is to CALCULATETABLE: an alias with reduced functionality that can make your code more readable, which is always a good thing.

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Formula examples using the REMOVEFILTERS function

= SUM(FactInternetSales[SalesAmount]) MEASURE FactInternetSales[%Sales] = DIVIDE([TotalSales], CALCULATE([TotalSales],REMOVEFILTERS()))

= CALCULATE( [Total Sales], REMOVEFILTERS(Products[Colour], Products[Category])

= SUM(FactInternetSales[SalesAmount]) MEASURE FactInternetSales[%Sales] = DIVIDE([TotalSales], CALCULATE([TotalSales],REMOVEFILTERS(DimProductSubcategory[EnglishProductSubcategoryName])))

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