MOD Function (DAX)

How does the MOD function (DAX) work?

MOD function returns the remainder after a number is divided by a divisor. The result always has the same sign as the divisor.

MOD Formula Syntax

= MOD(
     <number>, <divisor>

How do you use the MOD function?

The MOD function can be expressed in terms of the INT function: MOD(n, d) = n – d*INT(n/d)

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Considerations when using the MOD function

If the divisor is 0 (zero), MOD returns an error. You cannot divide by 0.

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Formula examples using the MOD function

Example 1

The following formula returns 1, the remainder of 3 divided by 2.

= MOD (

Example 2

The following formula returns -1, the remainder of 3 divided by 2. Note that the sign is always the same as the sign of the divisor.

= MOD (
    -3, -2


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