How does the ISNONTEXT function (DAX) work?

ISNONTEXT function (DAX) returns TRUE for any non-text attribute, e.g. number, date or time.

ISNONTEXT Formula Syntax

ISNONTEXT (<value>)

How do you use the ISNONTEXT function?

The ISNONTEXT function also returns TRUE for blank cells and for formula-returning formula cells.

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Considerations when using the ISNONTEXT function

To test if a value is not a text, use the ISNONTEXT function. The ISNONTEXT feature also returns TRUE for blank cells, and for cells that display non-text results with formulas.

ISNONTEXT is part of a group of functions called IS functions, which return the TRUE or FALSE logical values.

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Formula examples using the ISNONTEXT function

//RETURNS: Is Non-Text  
=IF(ISNONTEXT(1), "Is Non-Text", "Is Text")  
//RETURNS: Is Non-Text  
=IF(ISNONTEXT(BLANK()), "Is Non-Text", "Is Text")  
//RETURNS: Is Text  
=IF(ISNONTEXT(""), "Is Non-Text", "Is Text")  

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