How does the CONTAINS function (DAX) work?

The CONTAINS function returns true if the values for the specified columns exist or are contained, in those columns; otherwise, the function returns false.

CONTAINS Formula Syntax

     <table>, <columnName>, <value> [, <columnName>, <value>]…

How do you use the CONTAINS function?

This function is used within another function to search for a character or string. It returns a value of true if found, and false if not found.

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Considerations when using the CONTAINS function

  • The arguments columnName and value must come in pairs; otherwise an error is returned.
  • columnName must belong to the specified table, or to a table that is related to table.
  • If columnName refers to a column in a related table then it must be fully qualified; otherwise, an error is returned.

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Formula examples using the CONTAINS function

=CONTAINS(InternetSales, [ProductKey], 214, [CustomerKey], 11185)

COUNTROWS ( FILTER ( table, columnName = value ) ) > 0

CALCULATE ( [measure], FILTER ( ALL ( targetTable[targetColumn] ), CONTAINS ( VALUES ( sourceTable[sourceColumn] ), sourceTable[sourceColumn], targetTable[targetColumn] ) ) )

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