How does the CONCATENATEX function (DAX) work?

The CONCATENATEX function (DAX) evaluates the result of an expression for each row in a table. It returns the concatenation in a single string, separated by the specified delimiter.


     <table> , <expression>, [delimited]

How do you use the CONCATENATEX function?

This function’s parameters include a table containing the rows, the expression to be evaluated for each row, the delimiter which serves as separator during the concatenation, the column by which the values are concatenated, and the order which can either be ascending or descending.

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Considerations when using the CONCATENATEX function

This function iterates the rows in the table as its first argument. For each row, it executes the expression provided in the second argument, which is a column that contains the values you want to concatenate, or an expression that returns a value.

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Formula examples using the CONCATENATEX function

CONCATENATEX(Employees, [FirstName] & “ “ & [LastName], “,”)

= CONCATENATE(Table1;Table1[Customer comment];”; “)

= CONCATENATEX (Products, [Product],”,”, [Product Key], DESC)

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