CHISQ.INV Function (DAX)

How does the CHISQ.INV function (DAX) work?

The CHISQ.INV function (DAX) returns the inverse of the left-tailed probability of the chi-squared distribution.

CHISQ.INV Formula Syntax


How do you use the CHISQ.INV function?

This function is used to study the variations in the percentage of a data across samples.

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Considerations when using the CHISQ.INV function

If the argument is nonnumeric in nature, the CHISQ.INV function will return a #VALUE! Error message. If probability < 0 or probability > 1, CHISQ.INV will return a #NUM! error value.  

If the deg_freedom is not an integer, it is rounded. If deg_freedom < 1 or deg_freedom > 10^10, CHISQ.INV returns the #NUM! error value.

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Formula examples using the CHISQ.INV function



=CHISQ.INV( 0.5, 1 )

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