How does the CHISQ.INV.RT function (DAX) work?

The CHISQ.INV.RT function (DAX) is a statistical type of DAX function that returns the inverse of the right-tailed probability of the chi-squared distribution.

CHISQ.INV.RT Formula Syntax


How do you use the CHISQ.INV.RT function?

This function is used if you wanted to compare actual results with your expected results to decide whether your original hypothesis is valid or not.

The CHISQ.INV.RT function has two arguments: the probability associated with the chi-squared distribution, for which we want to find the value of x and the number of degrees of freedom which must be a positive integer.

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Considerations when using the CHISQ.INV.RT function

If deg_freedom < 1, CHISQ.INV.RT returns the #NUM! If either of the two arguments mentioned above is nonnumeric, CHISQ.INV.RT returns the #VALUE! error value.

If probability < 0 or probability > 1, CHISQ.INV.RT returns the #NUM! error value. If deg_freedom is not an integer, it is rounded. If deg_freedom < 1, CHISQ.INV.RT returns the #NUM! error value.

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Formula examples using the CHISQ.INV.RT function

=CHISQ.INV.RT( 0.1, 2 )

=CHISQ.INV.RT( 0.5, 1 )

=CHISQ.INV.RT( 0.75, 1 )

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