How does the ALLCROSSFILTERED function (DAX) work?

The ALLCROSSFILTERED function (DAX) clears all of the filters that have been used within a table from other tables across direct or indirect many-to-many relationships. 



How do you use the ALLCROSSFILTERED function?

ALLCROSSFILTERED can be used to modify the CALCULATE function. It cannot be used as a table function. 

ALLCROSSFILTERED removes all the filters on an expanded table, as well as on columns and tables that have been cross-filtered because of bidirectional cross-filters set on direct or indirect relationships connected to the expanded table. 

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Considerations when using the ALLCROSSFILTERED function

The ALLCROSSFILTERED function can only be used to clear out filters; it will not return a table.  

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Formula examples using the ALLCROSSFILTERED function

MEASURE FactInternetSales[TotalQuantity1] =
      CALCULATE(SUM(FactInternetSales[OrderQuantity]), ALLCROSSFILTERED(FactInternetSales)) MEASURE FactInternetSales[TotalQuantity2] =
      CALCULATE(SUM(FactInternetSales[OrderQuantity]), ALL(FactInternetSales)) EVALUATE
      SUMMARIZECOLUMNS(DimSalesReason[SalesReasonName], “TotalQuantity1”, [TotalQuantity1], “TotalQuantity2”, [TotalQuantity2])
      ORDER BY DimSalesReason[SalesReasonName]

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