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Summit Sessions Lineup


  • To be announced
  • Connect to various data sources, including APIs, and retrieve, transform, and manipulate data in a variety of ways using M code
  • Discover specific cleaning and modeling techniques to ensure data accuracy and reliability
  • Present data effectively using appropriate formats and visualization tools
  • Ceate custom notifications for job hunters with Power Automate
  • Use a CI/CD pipeline to automate the process of building, testing, and deploying the reports and dashboards
  • Move content smoothly from Development/Test to QA to Production with Power BI Deployment Pipelines
  • Learn the steps that an Enterprise BI team can take to implement application lifecycle management (ALM) in their Power BI environment
  • Understand the different stages that a report or dashboard goes through in the pipeline
  • Learn how to embed a Power App into a Power BI report and update data directly
  • Create a very simple Power App automatically from a SharePoint List and add to your Power BI Report
  • Create an app that changes dynamically as you select specific data from a Power BI visual
  • Enhance the user experience with an integrated Power App
  • Identify trends in sales and customer behavior and assess the performance of different stores or regions using the LFL Analysis in Retail
  • Evaluate the potential impact of different scenarios on a business through the What-If Analysis
  • Learn how to automate generating an email from a Power BI data alert
  • Explore the three main components of the Power Platform and how they can come together in an integrated solution
  • Discover what a small investment in the Power Platform can accomplish depending on the specific needs of your business or organization
  • Understand why you should consider using the Power Platform's low-code approach instead of custom building
  • Explore how to combine data from different tables with or without a relationship in DAX
  • Use DAX to join tables that have relationships among them
  • Learn the steps to join tables using DAX without a relationship
  • Understand the most common DAX join functions, each with its specific use case


  • Learn to integrate a Power App with Power BI to create a user-friendly dynamic commenting system for your reports
  • Allow real-time collaboration and commenting on reports and enable users to add, edit, copy, view, delete comments and access other functionalities with Dynamic Commenting
  • Understand the impact of real-time commenting on your report analysis, allowing for more informed and timely decision making
  • To be announced
  • Create 3D models suitable for visualizing them in the custom 3DBI visual for Power BI
  • Bring derived data from 3D models (volumes, areas lengths, counts) into Power BI
  • Learn how to use other data sources to filter and/or colorize individual objects of a 3D model in Power BI
  • Understand the main factors that can influence the design and user experience of your Power BI reports
  • Learn how Data Visualization techniques can make your data more meaningful and actionable
  • Discover how a well-designed UI can directly influence overall User Experience
  • Create more effective and user-friendly Power BI reports that are more likely to be used and acted upon by your audience
  • Find out how Sidekick can help to review, optimize & cleanup your dataset and reports
  • Learn how to quickly analyze built reports with the Report page analyzer
  • Get a grasp of the unique insights that will improve Power BI development
  • Discover the details of Power BI report documentation included in the tool
  • Learn how to run this free open source external tool
  • Learn how you can utilise out of the box Dataverse functionality to quickly develop a CRM solution
  • Ideal for small teams without the budget for Dynamics 365, who still want to take advantage of the Dataverse platform
  • Create a custom table for sales teams to track opportunities
  • Embed a Power BI dashboard to visualise the sales pipeline
  • Learn how to ensure your solution can scale into Dynamics 365 CE in the future
  • Embed HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code directly into your report using HTML visuals
  • Explore a wide range of options for customizing the appearance of your data visualizations with 1400+ Fonts
  • Learn how dynamic icons can make your reports more visually appealing and interactive
  • Create powerful and informative data visualizations with Key Performance Indicators and formatting with calculation groups


  • Create effective business-decision strategies by gathering the appropriate inputs to scope the report design
  • Identify the requirements for a business intelligence project - i.e. the audience, suitable report types, user interface and experience
  • Build a strong foundation on how to plan the report design requirements for your Power BI reports
  • Explore the most popular report designs and their strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn the importance of a star schema, a data modeling technique in Power BI
  • Discover the challenges in designing star schemas
  • Learn the steps on how to collaboratively design a star schema with your business users and ensure that the schema meets the needs of the organization
  • Learn how to use Power BI as an effective tool to supplement a Scrum process management system
  • Communicate important information to key stakeholders using Power BI reports and Power BI service alerts
  • Manage software development efforts and measure progress with continuously developing workflow and reporting tools
  • Learn how to setup and schedule a Power Automate flow using data from your Power BI Reports
  • Know how to get DAX Query data from Power BI Desktop without having to write it yourself
  • Understand the overview of the new DAX functions – OFFSET, INDEX, WINDOW, EVALUATEANDLOG, TOJSON and TOCSV
  • Discover the innovative uses for these new functions
  • Know the downsides, risks and areas for concern
  • Learn the overall assessments of how useful we think each function ultimately will be for DAX users
  • To be announced

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Sam Mckay

Sam McKay

CEO & Founder,

Enterprise DNA

Brian Julius

Chief Content Officer,

Enterprise DNA

Ilgar Zarbaliyev

Head of Curriculum, Enterprise DNA

Gustaw Dudek

Gustaw Dudek

Enterprise DNA Expert

Jarrett Moore

Enterprise DNA Expert

Melissa de Korte

Enterprise DNA Expert

Tim Weinzapfel

Enterprise DNA Expert

Greg Deckler

Greg Deckler (MVP)

VP at Fusion Alliance, MVP & Author of

4 Power BI Books

Akshata Revankar

Data Engineering Specialist, McKinsey & Company

Chris Aragao

Program Analyst, U.S. EPA Office of Inspector General

Jordi Frijters

Azure Data Solution Architect, DataMotuZ

Juan-Pierre Louw

Microsoft Power Platform & Data Visualization Enthusiast

Kenny Geyskens

Creator of 3DBI, The 3D Visual For
Power BI

Mara Periera

Founder & Principal Power BI Architect, Data Pears

Andreas Jongenburger

Power BI Consultant, Jongenburger BI

Injae Park

Senior Business Intelligence Developer, Objectivity

Amira Bedhiafi

Business Intelligence Consultant, Capgemini

Jessica Scheible

Manager, Engineering Analysis at Hanover Research

Pieter Jan de Vries

Product Owner Managed Dashboarding, KPN

Wilco Nagtzaam

Senior FP&A Controller, KPN

Kedeisha Bryan

Co-founder & Community Leader at Data in Motion LLC


Business Analytics and Applications Manager, Napier Port

Jay ter Heerdt

Microsoft, Senior Program Manager for Power BI

Arpita Ghosh

Data Scientist, AstraZeneca

Johnny Winter

Greyskull Analytics

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