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Power Platform Innovation Labs

October 5th & 6th, 2022

Learn how to build scalable Power Platform solutions to implement

robust business processes from the world's global experts.

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Session Lineup

Day 1, October 5th 2022

Session 1

Complete Power BI Architecture Overview

  • How to architect your Power BI workspaces
  • Using Dataflows to the max to scale your data pipeline
  • How to decide what should go into different reports and datasets
  • How to optimize for scale and speed in you Power BI development
  • Tuesday, October 4th
    1pm Los Angeles (PDT)
    4pm New York (EDT)
    9pm London (BST)
  • Wednesday, October 5th
    7am Sydney (AEDT)
    9am Auckland (NZDT)

Session 2

Elevate Your Power Apps Design

  • Learn how to integrate Power Apps with Figma
  • Know the limitations of Figma in Power Apps
  • Explore how HTML & CSS is being used for dynamic styling
  • Tuesday, October 4th
    3pm Los Angeles (PDT)
    6pm New York (EDT)
  • Wednesday, October 5th
    9am Sydney (AEDT)
    11am Auckland (NZDT)

Session 3

How To Create External Tools For Power BI (Part 3)

  • Learn the external tools to generate the Enterprise DNA extended date table such as Holidays, Intelligence Measures, & Set Sort By
  • Explore naming date table using text box
  • Showcase how to use date picker for StartDate and EndDate
  • Build 'Time Machine' within your applications
  • Tuesday, October 4th
    4pm Los Angeles (PDT)
    7pm New York (EDT)
    11pm London (BST)
  • Wednesday, October 5th
    10am Sydney (AEDT)
    12pm Auckland (NZDT)

Session 4

Sampling Techniques With Python

  • Understand the concept of Population and Sample
    with Python
  • Know the different types of Sampling in Python
  • Discover the Probability Sampling Techniques within your data using Python
  • Learn more about the use of Probability Vs. Non-Probability Sampling
  • Tuesday, October 4th
    6pm Los Angeles (PDT)
    9pm New York (EDT)
  • Wednesday, October 5th
    12pm Sydney (AEDT)
    2pm Auckland (NZDT)

Session 5

Building Simple Enterprise Applications

  • How to use Sharepoint to build very quick Power Apps
  • How to build Power BI reports around your Power Apps
  • Introducing Power Automate into your development to remove manual processes
  • How to plan out your enterprise applications before you start
  • Tuesday, October 4th
    7pm Los Angeles (PDT)
    10pm New York (EDT)
  • Wednesday, October 5th
    1pm Sydney (AEDT)
    3pm Auckland (NZDT)

Day 2, October 6th 2022

Session 6

Report Winners - Tips & Tricks

  • Real-world focused techniques will be showcased by the best talents in eDNA Challenges
  • Learn the core areas of the winning entries around the Power BI report development
  • Develop a consistent storytelling for all the report pages and focus in showing the results
  • Wednesday, October 5th
    11am Los Angeles (PDT)
    2pm New York (EDT)
    7pm London (BST)
  • Thursday, October 6th
    5am Sydney (AEDT)
    7am Auckland (NZDT)

Session 7

Emailing A Power BI Query Output As A CSV File

  • Learn how to use the Performance Analyzer inside of Power BI to get the output of the DAX Query
  • Create a scheduled Slow Flow in Power Automate online that will take the data from the DAX Query
  • Know how to use the Power Automate online & Power BI in emailing the end user as a CSV file
  • Wednesday, October 5th
    1pm Los Angeles (PDT)
    4pm New York (EDT)
    9pm London (BST)
  • Thursday, October 6th
    7am Sydney (AEDT)
    9am Auckland (NZDT)

Session 8

Analysis Planning -
The Oft-Overlooked Pillar Of Effective Power BI Reporting

  • What is a Data Analysis Plan?

  • Where does it fit in the Power BI development framework?

  • What are the benefits of Exploratory Data Analysis and Analysis Planning?

  • How do we effectively implement Analysis Planning?
  • Wednesday, October 5th
    2pm Los Angeles (PDT)
    5pm New York (EDT)
    10pm London (BST)
  • Thursday, October 6th
    8am Sydney (AEDT)
    10am Auckland (NZDT)

Session 9

Enterprise DNA Challenge Speed Build

  • Watch live as we work through a real world challenge submission
  • Learn speed techniques for Power BI development
  • Learn how to use templates for every part of your Power BI report building workflow
  • Create compelling Power BI reports by leveraging of other techniques from different models you can find
  • Wednesday, October 5th
    7pm Los Angeles (PDT)
    10pm New York (EDT)
  • Thursday, October 6th
    1pm Sydney (AEDT)
    3pm Auckland (NZDT)

Join us to see the new

Power Platform possibilities

Live interactive session with Enterprise DNA experts

Sam McKay

CEO & Founder of

Enterprise DNA

Federico Pastor

Head of Data Challenges,

Enterprise DNA

Greg Deckler

Greg Deckler (MVP)

VP at Fusion Alliance,

MVP & Author of

4 Power BI Books

Jarrett Moore

Enterprise DNA Expert

Gaelim Holland

Gaelim Holland

Enterprise DNA Expert

In these sessions, you’ll learn the following concepts that are necessary for building a robust process with Power Platform:

  • Power BI integration with Power Point
  • Power BI & Power Apps design possibilities
  • Power BI collaboration possibilities with Power Apps
  • Process automation w/ Power Platform and test how far can it go
  • Explore Power Pages
  • Bonus tips & tricks

Let's explore new ways of working with Power BI & Power Platform

Building a highly efficient system requires time, efforts and creativity to tackle challenges during sustainable implementations of standardized business processes.

  • Learn from our global experts Sam McKay, Brian Julius, Greg Deckler, Federico Pastor, Alexandru Badiu, Melissa de Korte, Mudassir Ali, Gaelim Holland and Tim Weinzapfel
  • Learn about the challenges of implementation of Power BI without Power Platform
  • Implement strong data controls for better data-based driven strategic decisions
  • Seamlessly integrate Power BI with Power Platform
  • Drive automations with Power Apps & Power Automate in your organizations
  • Build sophisticated business processes and complex data relationships within your applications
  • Learn to build powerful Reports & Apps by adopting good design and data-story telling practices
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Topics covered during these

Power Platform Innovation Labs Event

The main benefit of implementing a sustainable data culture with Power BI & Power Platform is the ability to drive cost savings and build efficient business processes.

The best way to eliminate non-value-added processes or activities from your workplace is to learn from our global experts who have successfully built efficient data-driven cultures and automation in their fields.

During sessions, you will gain a mix of knowledge from:

Putting data into perspective

Showcase demos to understand the thought process

Practical methods and best practices

Templates that can build reports 5x faster


action items

Simplified data models and automation

Framework to build efficient business processes

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