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Reducing Inefficiencies in Business with Power Apps

  • 15th May 2022
  • 16th May 2022
  • 1pm Los Angeles (PDT)
  • 4pm New York (EDT)
  • 9pm London (BST)
  • 6am Sydney (AEST)
  • 8am Auckland (NZST)

Real-life practical application of Power Apps to drive cost & time savings by enabling the operations team more proactive in handling the problems

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Live interactive session with Enterprise DNA experts

Alex Badiu

Jarrett Moore

Tim Weinzapfel

Henry Habib

Mudassir Ali

Melissa De Korte

In this session, you’ll learn the following concepts that are necessary for building a robust process with Power Platform:

  • Step by step explanation of the underlying business problems & their solution.
  • Making day-to-day tasks easier to manage, document and control.
  • Elimination of data entry errors for accurate analysis.
  • Email automation with PowerApps & Power Automate.
  • Using HTML table in email for more professional email appearance.
  • Dynamically populate a word document that is attached to the email.
  • Integration of Power Apps with Power BI.
  • Bonus tips & tricks.

Let's explore new ways of working with Power BI & Power Platform

Building a highly efficient system requires time, efforts and creativity to tackle challenges during sustainable implementations of standardized business processes.

  • Learn from our global experts Alexandru Badiu, Henry Habib, Melissa de Korte, Mudassir Ali, Jarret Moore and Tim Weinzapfel
  • Learn about the challenges of implementation of Power BI without Power Platform
  • Implement strong data controls for better data-based driven strategic decisions
  • Seamlessly integrate Power BI with Power Platform
  • Drive automations with Power Apps & Power Automate in your organizations
  • Build sophisticated business processes and complex data relationships within your applications
  • Learn to build powerful Reports & Apps by adopting good design and data-story telling practices

Topics covered during these

Innovation Lab Events

The main benefit of implementing a sustainable data culture with Power BI & Power Platform is the ability to drive cost savings and build efficient business processes.

The best way to eliminate non-value-added processes or activities from your workplace is to learn from our global experts who have successfully built efficient data-driven cultures and automation in their fields.

During sessions, you will gain a mix of knowledge from:

Putting data into perspective

Showcase demos to understand the thought process

Practical methods and best practices

Templates that can build reports 5x faster

Scalable action items

Simplified data models and


Framework to build efficient business processes

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