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Recent update to the Program:

Only answer 10 questions and receive a complimentary subscription

This program is now open to anyone connected to Enterprise DNA!

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By answering questions on the

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You can earn a subscription for yourself, or your family, friends and work colleagues

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Joining is fast, easy and free. Anyone can sign up to this program and potentially earn a subscription.


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Sign into the forum and then start helping out. That's about it. It's as easy as can be.


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Once you reach the questions threshold a quick review will be done, then a complimentary subscription will be awarded to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Enterprise DNA Support Forum?

The Enterprise DNA Forum is a community lead forum that enables all Enterprise DNA Subscribers to get assistance with their Power BI projects, development work and ongoing learning.

  • I am already a paying subscriber, can I still join the EAS Program and give the subscription to others? 

Yes. As long as you finish the 10 questions within the designated time frame, you will be granted another on-demand subscription that you can share to others. 

  • How many support questions are required to answer before earning a subscription?

Only 10 questions are required to be answered to receive a complimentary subscription. To understand more about what types of Power BI questions are being asked please review the forum here -

  • What is expected of me once I participate in the Earn A Subscription Program?

You would be receiving a forum email invitation as soon as you join the EAS program. You have to accept the invitation and start participating in the forum by answering 10 questions within 4 weeks from your registration. The answers to your questions will be deliberated after 4 weeks.

  • What will happen if I don't finish the Earn A Subscription Program? 

Your complimentary access to the Enterprise DNA Forum and participation to the program will be removed.

Join the analytical movement with Enterprise DNA!

"This program has been designed to reward those connected with Enterprise DNA for assisting the community with the variety of questions that get asked through the support forum.  

I've personally found, after answering well over 1000 questions myself, there is no better way to improve your own Power BI skills than to help others with their Power BI questions.  

This is a great opportunity to not only learn but to receive great benefits for doing so. I can't recommend joining this program highly enough.  

Look forward to seeing you on the forum!"

Sam McKay, CFA - Founder, Enterprise DNA