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SharePoint Introduction For Power BI Users

Learn the basics of SharePoint to increase productivity and collaboration, organize your data, and automate business processes. Integrating SharePoint into the digital workspace to store and share their files, collaborate with their team, and transform business processes towards efficiency.

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Sharepoint Introduction for Power BI Users, sharepoint course and online training

Here's What You'll Get With The Course

Over 3 hours of intensive training videos

Resource pack

Sharepoint Introduction for Power BI Users, sharepoint course and online training

Transform business processes towards efficiency and bring a huge impact on teams' productivity

  • Basics to optimize the features and allow you to efficiently manage document libraries

  • Digital workspace to store and share files, collaborate with team and transform business processes towards efficiency

Details Of What You Will Learn

During This Course

  • Create - a free 365 trial account for your organization
  • Manage - document libraries
  • Apply - versioning to your documents
  • Modify - SharePoint's default design
  • Build - multiple linked team sites using site collections
Sharepoint Introduction for Power BI Users, sharepoint course and online training

This Course Module is Tailored for:

Data Analysts

Reporting Managers

Excel Users

Those who want to improve their file systems, automate their business processes and overall empower their team's efficiency and collaboration


Utilize the key features within Power BI

SharePoint Introduction For Power BI Users
  • Optimize the features and allow you to efficiently manage document libraries
  • Create beautiful and informative web pages
  • Modify the default design
  • Create multiple linked sites via site collections

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction

  • Sharepoint Introduction - Resource Pack
  • What is SharePoint?
  • Uses of SharePoint
  • SharePoint Products
  • Features of SharePoint
  • Create an Account
  • Why Learn SharePoint?
  • Course Overview
  • Keys to Success

2. Account Creation

  • SharePoint Trial
  • Assign Users and Licenses
  • Instructor Overview

3. Layout

  • Create a New Site
  • Access SharePoint and Other 365 Apps
  • Layout of a Site
  • What is a SharePoint Site?
  • SharePoint - Modern vs. Classic
  • Reference Material

4. Document Libraries

  • Upload a File
  • Selecting a File and Its Properties
  • Adding Folders
  • Opening Files
  • Versioning
  • Check In and Check Out
  • Versioning Without Office Files
  • File Details
  • Deleting and Restoring Files
  • Adding SharePoint Files to Your Computer
  • Templates
  • Metadata - Traditional Method
  • Metadata - Add Columns
  • Metadata - Filter and Group By
  • Metadata - Adding Numbers
  • Metadata - Formatting Views
  • Metadata - Other Columns
  • Metadata - Creating and Saving Views
  • Top Menu Bar
  • Attention Files
  • Add a New Document Library
  • Add Navigation
  • Other Libraries
  • Picture Libraries
  • Site Library Settings

5. Pages

  • Introduction and Different Types of Pages
  • Wiki Page
  • App Parts - Text Layouts
  • Modifying Document Library on a Wiki Page
  • Modifying Web and App Parts on a Wiki Page
  • Adding in Photos to Wiki Pages
  • Adding Links to Wiki Pages
  • Wiki Page History
  • Embed Code
  • Create a Site Page
  • Add a Picture Library to Site
  • Creating Heroes on Site Pages
  • Add Contact Web Parts to Site Pages
  • Add Countdown Web Parts to Site Pages
  • Add Navigational Elements to Site Pages
  • Create a Home Page
  • Add Content and Clean Up
  • Top Menu Bar

6. Design

  • Introduction
  • Side Menu
  • Classical Version

7. Site Collections

  • Introduction
  • Create a Subsite
  • Navigational Elements
  • More Subsites
  • Project Theme Site
  • Communication Site 1
  • Communication Site 2

What our Students Say

Your Instructor

Henry Habib - SharePoint Power BI User

Henry Habib

  • Improved processes and facilitated organizational change using both standard and bespoke tools (Power Platform, data analytics, custom built programs, etc.) for over 6 F500 companies spanning financial services, retail, and telecom
  • Led training and employee-tool empowerment sessions (SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate) for several organization, the most recent being a large governmental organization of over 6,000 members, with advisory add-ons
  • Accomplished Power Platform and Office 365 trainer (specializing in SharePoint, Power Apps, and Power Automate), with over 100 hours of recorded content and over 30,000 paid students on e-learning platforms
  • Background in Accounting and Finance, with a specialization in Economics

Frequently Asked Questions

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