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Scenario Analysis Deep Dive

Learn how to predict and optimize for results in the future, by utilizing 'what if' parameters and scenario analysis techniques and inside your Power BI models, overlaying many DAX techniques and produce fantastic insights that can truly add value to any organization

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Scenario Analysis Deep Dive, Scenario Analysis Deep Dive with Power BI course

Here's What You'll Get

With The Course

Over 3 hours of

video training

3x demo Power BI reports showcasing scenario analysis techniques

Scenario Analysis Deep Dive

Predict and Optimize for the Future

  • Showcase your analytical power when implementing scenario analysis techniques inside your Power BI Models.
  • Utilize Power BI's analytical potential to the max. This one of a kind course focuses on all key areas of Power BI Models such as: query editor, data model,  DAX, and reporting visualizations.

Details Of What You Will Learn

During This Course

  • Learn - how to implement 'what if' parameters in your models
  • Understand - how to analytically think about your modeling scenario
  • Learn - how to integrate scenario factors into your core data model
  • Implement - multiple scenario factors into one model
  • Learn - how to layer scenarios one on top of each other
  • Learn - advanced modeling and DAX techniques
  • Apply - many different analytical techniques in Power BI in combination
  • Work - through end to end scenario analysis examples
  • Understand - how to design your data models with scenario analysis
  • Learn - how to visualize scenario analysis outcomes and results
Scenario Analysis Deep Dive

This Course Module is Tailored for:

Data Analysts

Reporting Managers

Excel Users

This course is tailored for beginning users of Power BI and DAX who want to learn how to use it for scenario analysis.


Utilize the key features within Power BI

Scenario Analysis Deep Dive
  • Unleash the predictive analytical power sitting within Power BI
  • Practically apply Power BI to forecast results into the future
  • Integrate factors into your key business variables
  • Shock multiple results in your data to predict results
  • Design Power BI models that can cope with multiple 'what if' parameters
  • Visualize scenarios effectively so consumers can understand there meaning
  • Use advanced DAX formula techniques inside of Power BI
  • Create end to end solutions using scenario analysis techniques
  • Apply event sequencing to your Power BI models
  • Complete amazing analytical work in Power BI

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to Scenario Analysis

  • How to get certified for this course?
  • What is scenario analysis?
  • Course downloads
  • Thinking analytically about what you want to achieve
  • How to implement it with 'what if' parameters
  • How to really predict the future with scenario analysis techniques

2. Simple scenario analysis

  • Nuances of setting up DAX measures
  • Integrating 'what if' parameters
  • Representing changes to your variables
  • Review Questions
  • Review Question Feedback

3. Combining scenario analysis with other DAX techniques

  • Project numbers forward with time intelligence DAX techniques
  • Project numbers forward using new tables of data
  • Comparing scenarios to budgets or forecasts
  • Extending & branching out scenario analysis
  • Combining the power of the data model with scenario analysis

4. Layering scenarios

  • Running multiple scenarios at one time
  • Scenario sequencing - maintain a table of scenarios and integrate all values
  • Iterating through numerous scenarios

5. Running scenario sensitivities

  • Running sensitivities on multiple scenarios
  • Solving for the most optimal outcome

6. Visualization techniques

  • How to visualize scenario analysis results
  • Review Questions
  • Review Question Feedback

What our Students Say

Your Instructor

Sam McKay

Sam very early on saw the immense opportunity of using Power BI to create analytical solutions. After years of developing some advanced analysis and tools in excel, he was amazed that he could re-create most of those things in about 10% of the time with Power BI.

He is the founder and CEO at Enterprise DNA, a business intelligence training & consultancy business primarily focused on driving better decision making within organisations by empowering individuals and teams to transform raw data into unmatched insights using Microsoft's Power BI suite of tools.

Sam has a strong history in Finance, previously working at ANZ, PIMCO, and Fonterra. He is also a CFA charterholder, achieving the designation in 2011.

He has a passion for building highly scalable analytical solutions within organisations, and wants to see others learn how to do the same.

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  • What if I need to train my team? We recommend exploring Enterprise DNA Center of Excellence platform. To learn more, see here.

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