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R For Power BI Users - Part 2

Enhance your Power BI reports and analysis with R's visualization, text analysis, and statistical modeling capabilities, and gain access to over 20,000 custom analyses and visualization options that are not available through Power BI alone

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Here's What You'll Get

With The Course

More than 3 hours of self-paced video training

Resource pack

R For Power BI Users Part 2

Create a huge impact on your Power BI reports

access to over 20,000 custom analyses and visualization options

  • Through statistical analysis and through data visualizations
  • Work with large datasets or text data which can prove particularly useful for Power BI development

Details Of What You Will Learn

During This Course

  • Create - additional visualizations with ggplot2
  • Process - large datasets using best practices to improve R-Power BI performance
  • Identify - strings using text pattern matching and regular expressions
  • Build - a regression model
  • Do - predictive modeling in Power BI report
R For Power BI Users Part 2

This Course Module is Tailored for:

Data Analysts

Reporting Managers

Excel Users

If you are an analyst, researcher, product manager or a professional looking to enhance your reports with features difficult or impossible to do in base Power BI, this course can help upscale your report.


Utilize the key features within Power BI

R For Power BI Users - Part 2
  • Gain access to over 20,000 custom analyses
  • Visualization options that are not available through Power BI alone
  • Get familiar with the basics of descriptive and inferential statistics

Course Curriculum

1. R for Power BI Users II

  • Course Overview
  • Let's get started
  • Intro
  • R for Power BI Users Resource Pack

2. Intermediate ggplot2

  • Jitterplots
  • Lollipop
  • Smoothing plots

3. Performance and benchmarking

  • Working with RDS files
  • Timing performance
  • The basics of data.table
  • Scheduling R scripts

4. Working with text

  • stringr basics
  • rebus basics
  • stringr + rebus
  • Using R text features inside Power BI

5. Correlation & Regression

  • Correlation
  • Bivariate regression
  • Multiple regression
  • Making predictions

6. Capstone

  • Preparing R datasets
  • Inserting R visuals
  • Building the predictive model
  • Capstone wrap-up

What our Students Say

Your Instructor

George Mount

George Mount

  • Over ten years of analytics experience ranging from retail to healthcare
  • Author of the O'Reilly book Advancing into Analytics: From Excel to Python and R
  • Manages a popular data analytics blog at Stringfest Analytics
  • Focuses on statistical programming and general analytics literacy

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