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Power Platform (PL 900) Certification

Ace the Microsoft Power Platform (PL-900) Certification exam with our complete training guide; and build basic solutions to improve business operations and processes using Power Platform

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Power Platform Certification Course

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More than 6 hours of self-paced training videos

Power Platform Certification Course

Discover the core components of Microsoft Power Platform

  • Understand how to build basic solutions using Power Platform applications (Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents (Bots))

  • Deep understanding of the core capabilities and value of Power Platform and are able to utilize each app's basic functions

Details Of What You Will Learn

During This Course

  • Identify the concepts that must be learned to pass the PL-900 exam
  • Identify the business value and core components of Microsoft Power Platform
  • Identify the key features of Power BI and demonstrate its capabilities as an analytical tool
  • Identify the key features of Power Apps and demonstrate its capabilities as an app builder
  • Identify the key features of Power Automate and demonstrate its capabilities in automating business processes
  • Identify the key features of Power Virtual Agents and demonstrate its business value as a chatbot builder
Power Platform Certification Course

This Course Module is Tailored for:

Data Analysts

Reporting Managers

Excel Users

Excel users, data analysts, reporting managers


Utilize the key features Power BI

Power Platform Certification Course
  • Describe the business value of Microsoft Power Platform
  • Identify the core components of Microsoft Power Platform
  • Demonstrate the capabilities of Power BI
  • Demonstrate the capabilities of Power Apps
  • Demonstrate the capabilities of Power Automate
  • Demonstrate the business value of Power Virtual Agents

Course Curriculum

1. Business Value of Microsoft Power Platform

  • Intro to Power BI
  • Intro to Power Apps
  • Intro to Power Automate
  • Connectors
  • Intro to Power Virtual Agents
  • Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
  • Dynamics 365 Connectors
  • Microsoft 365 and Power Platform
  • Teams and Power Platform
  • Azure and Power Platform
  • Third party apps and services
  • How the different apps work together
  • Power Platform Security
  • Dataverse security roles
  • Demo on Dataverse security roles
  • Security roles deep dive
  • Manage apps, workflows, and users
  • Environments
  • Admin center summary
  • Demo Microsoft 365 admin center
  • Power platform admin center
  • DLP Introduction
  • DLP Demo
  • DLP Block Exceptions
  • Privacy and Accessibility Guidelines
  • Privacy and accessibility tools
  • Demo of Trust Center and Security Compliance

2. Core Components of Microsoft Power Platform

  • Dataverse
  • Dataverse for Teams
  • Tables, Columns, and Relationships
  • AI Builder
  • AI Builder Models
  • Business Card Examples
  • Document Processing Example 1
  • Document Processing Example 2
  • Document Processing Example 3
  • AI Builder and the Power Platform

3. Capabilities of Power BI

  • Power BI desktop tabs
  • Demo of Power BI desktop tabs
  • Power BI Desktop vs Power BI Service
  • Power BI Service elements diagram
  • Power BI Service elements detail
  • Power BI Service elements walkthrough
  • Power BI security model
  • Go through sample data
  • Load data into Power Query
  • Combine data
  • Assign data types
  • Replace values and clean data
  • Preview data columns
  • Add columns
  • Walkthrough of other clean and transform features
  • Apply queries and add more data
  • Aggregate functions
  • Demo of aggregate functions
  • Data sources in Power BI
  • Shared datasets
  • Template apps
  • Demo of template apps
  • Viewing reports and dashboards
  • Create a new score column
  • Create our first visualization
  • Formatting the visualization
  • Build out remaining visualization
  • New page and card and guage visualization
  • Filters and slicers
  • Stacked bar, clustered bar, and line chart
  • KPI charts
  • Bar charts
  • Buttons
  • Publish dataset and report
  • Quick clarification
  • Create dashboards
  • Edit dashboards
  • Share reports and dashboards
  • Add elements to workspaces

4. Capabilities of Power Apps

  • App types
  • Use cases of formulas
  • Functions in formulas
  • Data sources
  • Data load
  • Data update
  • Table definitions
  • Demo of load data
  • Demo of update data
  • Delegations
  • Connectors overview
  • Create apps from data
  • Explore apps
  • Common controls
  • Development environment
  • Dynamic assignment
  • Actions and navigate
  • Variables
  • Approvals introductions
  • Functions and formulas
  • If statements
  • Setting up the data
  • Connecting to data
  • Data tables
  • Galleries 1
  • Galleries 2
  • View forms and galleries
  • Edit forms 1
  • Edit forms 2
  • Filter and search
  • Publish and share apps
  • Save and publish apps
  • Model-driven apps introduction
  • Add sample data
  • Demo create an app from tables
  • Model driven app building blocks
  • Forms
  • Demo of forms
  • Views
  • Demo of views
  • Publish and share model-driven apps
  • Security roles

5. Capabilities of Power Automate

  • Power Virtual Agents and Business Value
  • Power Virtual Agents Elements of Topics, Entities, Actions
  • Topic Breakdown of Message, Question, Condition, Action Nodes
  • Create a Chatbot
  • Manage and Delete Bots
  • Create a Simple Topic
  • Add Entities to Topics
  • Power Virtual Agents Actions
  • Call a Power Automate flow from Power Virtual Agents
  • Return Variables from Power Automate to Power Virtual Agents
  • Publish Power Virtual Agents
  • Demo and Publish Power Virtual Agents Bots

6. Business Value of Power Virtual Agents

  • Cloud and Desktop and Business Processes
  • Types of Flows and How to Choose
  • Use Case of Flows
  • What is a flow
  • Flows can have multiple actions
  • Flow templates
  • Demo of templates
  • Connecting triggers and actions
  • Example connectors
  • Types of connectors
  • Demo of connectors
  • Different built-in controls
  • Conditions
  • Switches
  • Loops (do until and apply to each)
  • Expressions introduction
  • Demo of expressions
  • Approval system
  • Prerequisites
  • Demo of approvals
  • Power Automate apps
  • Example of instant, scheduled, and automated flows
  • Modify a cloud flow
  • Data operations
  • Example of compose
  • Example of parse JSON
  • Run a cloud flow

What our Students Say

Your Instructor

Enterprisedna - Henry Habib Instructor

Henry Habib

  • Improved processes and facilitated organizational change using both standard and bespoke tools (Power Platform, data analytics, custom built programs, etc.) for over 6 F500 companies spanning financial services, retail, and telecom
  • Led training and employee-tool empowerment sessions (SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate) for several organization, the most recent being a large governmental organization of over 6,000 members, with advisory add-ons
  • Accomplished Power Platform and Office 365 trainer (specializing in SharePoint, Power Apps, and Power Automate), with over 100 hours of recorded content and over 30,000 paid students on e-learning platforms
  • Background in Accounting and Finance, with a specialization in Economics

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