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Paginated Report Writer II

Learn how Power BI reports have a dynamic and interactive feature useful during report presentation when report can be done by creating a Paginated Report

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Paginated Report Writer II

Here's What You'll Get

With The Course

More than 3 hours of self-paced training videos

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Paginated Report Writer II

A useful interactive feature for business professionals

  • Create "pixel perfect" PDF or hardcopy reports (e.g., customer invoices, etc.)

  • Deep understanding of the core capabilities and value of Power Platform and are able to utilize each app's basic functions

Details Of What You Will Learn

During This Course

  • Learn - how to get data into report builder
  • Create - different types of reports
  • Set up - report while avoiding formatting issues
  • Set up - and positioning texts, tables, graphs and images
  • Set up - parameters to filter data
  • Create - and format a Gantt chart into the report
Paginated Report Writer II

This Course Module is Tailored for:

Data Analysts

Reporting Managers

Excel Users

Excel users, data analysts, reporting managers


Utilize the key features Power BI

Paginated Report Writer II
  • Basic use of Paginated Reports and how to create and print them as pdf file
  • Basic understanding of how paginated reports work
  • Create "pixel perfect" printed reports from Power BI.
  • Create different kinds of report
  • Prevent issues when formatting your report
  • How Paginated Reports are created
  • Learn the different types of reports

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction

  • Introduction

2. Introduction to Matrix with Sparklines and DataBars

  • Set Up
  • Different Objects within Paginated Reports
  • Insert Matrix into Report and Add Data
  • Talbix / Matrix Sizing
  • Resizing of Rows and Columns in matrix
  • Formatting of Matrix
  • Adding Databars
  • Grouping and Adding Sparklines
  • Using Expression Builder for Headers
  • Adding Titles for each Page

3. Table with Repeating Headers

  • Adding Titles for each Page

4. Lists

  • Pull in data for Report
  • Set up Report Page Size and Attributes including language formatting
  • Grouping by Specific Field
  • Adding in Page Breaks after Group
  • Inserting Text and Table Correct Positioning, Naming and Formatting within a List
  • Repeating Table Row Headers

5. Parameters

  • Parameters to Filter by One Value
  • Parameters to filter by more than one Value
  • Parameters to filter by Cascading Parameters

6. Matrix with KPIs

  • Template with Set UP properties (recap)
  • Add in a Matrix and Set groups with Toggle Visibility
  • Insert Gauge with colour and dynamic range
  • Insert KPI Indicator

7. More Lists

  • Top N
  • Adding dynamic fields to report
  • Adding a bar chart with grouping from main Report
  • How to sort and filter bar chart
  • Adding a line chart with grouping from main Report

8. Gantt Chart

  • Introduction
  • Page Setup
  • Set up of Parameters & Explanation of how GANTT charts work
  • Calculated Fields & Formatting
  • Days each Project runs for
  • Set up Bullet Chart for Project length
  • Just wanted to say we'll code this when we put gauge in the table
  • Create table and insert gauge
  • Set up gauge inside the table
  • Formatting of table
  • Tooltip and building code within Expression builder

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Your Instructor

Enterprisedna - Sue Bayes Instructor

Sue Bayes

Sue is a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate specialising in Microsoft Power BI, Excel and Paginated Reporting. She develops reports and models using Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Excel, R and Python and works closely with businesses to enable them to use these tools to provice strategic insight and answer those questions that give value. She spends most of her time heavily involved with Microsoft Power BI extracting, transforming and loading data into business models visualising information using both M and DAX to transform data into business solutions.

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