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Fundamentals in Power Query and M

Acquire an extensive knowledge and understanding of the Power Query and M language to help you easily transform your data from multiple sources into Power BI

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Here's What You'll Get

With The Course

3 hours of course videos

Resource pack of three datasets and one pbix files and data sets for practical applicaiton

Power Query M Masterclass #1

Gain a comprehensive knowledge on Power Query tool

  • Thoroughly understand the basics of all power query operations whether accessed through the user interface (UI) or via custom M code.
  • Upgrade your data model, speed report performance, and simplify your DAX using Power Query Tool that offers an advancing framework with extensive examples.

Details Of What You Will Learn

During This Course

  • Gain - an extensive knowledge and understanding of the Power Query User interface and the components of the M language programming
  • Explore - the features and capabilities of the Query Editor as a data transformation tool
  • Develop - a holistic understanding of Power Query's elemental building blocks: values, lists, records, tables and functions
  • Learn - how Power Query treats data types, and how to trap and correct common errors
  • Obtain - expert insight into more advanced topics, such as environments and projection and selection
  • Acquire - strategies for mastering M code over time
Power Query M Masterclass #1

This Course Module is Tailored for:

Data Analysts

Reporting Managers

Excel Users

This course is ideal for those who work in data-driven environments who have little to no knowledge of Power Query M Masterclass.


Utilize the key features

within Power Query

Power Query M Masterclass #1
  • Gain knowledge and understanding M language programming and Power Query.
  • Features of Query Editor as data transformation tool
  • Develop- understanding of elemental building blocks: values, lists, records, tbales and functions
  • Acquire M code strategies
  • Improve data model, speed report performance, and simplified DAX.
  • Acquire extensive information on Power Query
  • Easy transform data from multiple sources into Power BI

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to the Course

  • How to get certified for this course?
  • Introdution to the Course

2. Power Query M

  • What is Power Query and How to Master M
  • How the Power Query Editor Is Organized Part 1
  • How the Power Query Editor Is Organized Part 2
  • Data Type and Operators
  • Let Expressions, Variables And Indeftifiers
  • Introducing Values
  • Introducing Records
  • Introducing Lists
  • Introducing Tables
  • Introducing Functions
  • Selection And Projection
  • Environmets
  • Keywords and Accesing Documentation
  • Best Pactrice And Language Flow
  • How to Successfully Implement A Piece of M Code

What our Students Say

Your Instructor

Melissa de Korte

  • Skilled in ETL and Modelling. Delivered practical Power Query solutions in both Excel and Power BI.
  • Expertise in analysing business process data. Delivering, deploying and supporting Power BI solutions throughout the organisation.
  • All-round Power platform enthusiast.

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