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Transport and Shipping Data

An excellent opportunity for you to use Power BI for transport and shipping data reporting and analytics

Winner Announcement

This was probably one of the most difficult challenges we have had to date. So a massive well done to all of you who managed to get something across the line.

The data quality, number of columns and understanding of the domain all added up to a hefty workload. As a developer I know the amount of time that can be poured into creating a report so seriously I just want to say a massive thankyou to all participants on behalf of Enterprise DNA as we know the effort and time participants put into the challenges.

I think the task was made even more difficult with the openness of the requirements, but every single entry had some great analysis and there were some great interpretations and areas for the business to focus on.

Learning Objectives

This week’s data set is courtesy of a client who are looking to use Power BI for reporting and analytics purposes.

They have taken an extract from the source system and dumped it into excel.

Under normal circumstances the team would then work with this excel and produce a number of reports through a series of pivots and templates and a whole lot of manual process.

They are now looking to use Power BI and automate this.

They haven’t asked for any specific requirement but rather want to see what’s the art of possible in Power BI.

So there really is no right or wrong answer here and the ball is in your court to produce a compelling report.

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Hossein Seyedagha
Overall Winner

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Abu Bakar

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Tim Weinzapfel
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