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Timesheet Utilization Reporting

A great opportunity to focus on visualization and take a deep dive into the world of utilization and timesheet data

Winner Announcement

The creativity, vision, craft, and stories being told in the entries is astounding and a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to understand what power bi is and the possibilities.

I want to applaud and congratulate all entrants for taking the time out to get in involved in these challenges and providing so many of us the incredible learning opportunities.

I think one thing that I feel is necessary for me to mention and reiterate every week is the benefits of participating and the impact it can have on your development.

We at Enterprise DNA truly believe that getting hands-on and practicing with real scenarios is the fastest way to mastery. So I again encourage you all to try and get involved with the challenge in some capacity.

Learning Objectives

This week's challenge is all about helping answer all these questions and taking a deep dive into the world of utilization and timesheet data.

The data is not overly complex and contains what would be expected columns in any time tracking solution so could easily be extended to your own work.

The data has been taken from a consultant in the field with some of the values anonymized to protect confidentiality.
Making it perfect practice for what you are likely to face in the real world.

This challenge is all about what you can interpret from the PBIX data. What information is being overlooked. What should we be focussing on?

The aim of this challenge isn’t to be prescriptive at all. The dataset is simple enough that it will allow us all to present our own individual analysis on the subject.

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Robert Maembe
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Zoe Douglas
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Federico Pastor
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