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A great opportunity to learn an invaluable skill of being able to produce and create supplier insights in Power BI

Winner Announcement

So its taken me a lot longer than normal to come up with the winner such was the standard of work being produced. Some absolutely amazing reports displaying so much originality, creativity, and class.

Every week we seem to be raising the bar with what’s possible in power bi.

Compared to previous challenges the dataset was probably a little easier to make sense of and model which resulted in a high number of participants which was excellent.

I just want to clarify a couple of things around the judging to ensure transparency in the process.

Every challenge is a blank canvas. We have taken a “Top Chef” approach to judging the challenges where no previous efforts or work are considered. We solely pick the best report produced for that challenge. Simples.

Learning Objectives

We started the challenge to help provide an opportunity to get hands on and implement the skills that you are learning.
We are continuously trying to improve and enhance the challenge offering at Enterprise DNA and that’s why there are going to be some super exciting changes coming in the near future.

We truly believe that the challenge is an excellent opportunity for all our members and non-members to get involved and enhance their Power BI capabilities. We already have a number of excellent prizes and categories available, but we’ve got some seriously cool stuff lined up and its coming soon so watch this space!

I know I keep banging on about it, but we really want more of you to get involved in this and were definitely trying to listen and ensure that the challenge is accessible to all.

As always if you have any suggestions or comments, we are always happy to listen. Please feel free to reach out to myself or the Enterprise DNA team.

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Alex Badiu - Winner

Alex Badiu
1st Place

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Mudassir Syed Rashid Ali  supplier insight

Mudassir Syed Rashid Ali
2nd Place

Zoe Douglas
3rd Place

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