Sport – Football/Soccer Players

Summer Transfers Season 2022-23

A great opportunity to learn a valuable skill of being able to produce sport reports within Power BI.

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“Sport – Football/Soccer Players Summer Transfers Season 2022-23”

We are excited to introduce Challenge 24 now!

Challenge 23 “Health-Substance Abuse Data Analysis” was succeeded by 154 entries, 450+ analysis pages, 650+ DAX measures, and 500+ Navigation buttons, bookmarks, and Tooltips. Thanks for everyone’s engagement and dedication.

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I just want to take a moment to cover of some admin around the challenge as we really want to see more of you getting involved.

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There is no need for me to mention the benefits of participating and the impact it can have on your development. We at Enterprise DNA genuinely believe that getting hands on and practicing with real scenarios is the fastest way to proficiency.

So, I again encourage you all to try and get involved with the challenge, any issues please let us know, we are more than happy to help.

While the learning and experience of participating in the challenge is very rewarding itself we also have some great loot on offer for category winners. Please see below the categories.

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There are some excellent prizes on offer from free subscription (for all category winners) and more – much more!!

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  • Understand common pitfalls in solutions. 
  • Get involved in discussions around enhancing your solutions and learn about new features.
  • The Brief

After rolling out an excellent Substance Abuse Data Analysis, we are announcing Challenge 24 –

“Sport – Football/Soccer Players Summer Transfers Season 2022-23”

Report Developer Role:

It is your job as an analyst to prepare an analysis report about the Football/Soccer Players Summer Transfers Season 2022-23.

1. Develop an analysis report (slide deck style).

2. Address the following questions from stakeholders, accompany with visuals.

a. Youngest player by country.

b. Oldest player by country.

c. Average age of players.

d. Most players transferred for a specific position.

e. What is Market Value for highest paid player in the dataset.

f. Highest paid player (fees) in the dataset.

g. Highest paid player (fees) by position in the dataset.

h. What clubs the Premier League has signed newest players according to the dataset.

i. How many players are under 18 years old and in which country will they be playing.

j. From the players in the dataset, create your top 11 players – use the svg file (football pitch) in the dataset for the formation or use your own football pitch file.

Deliver any additional findings and recommendations.

Special Client Requirements:

Ms. Angie Claire Verdadero, the Enterprise DNA Football Association CFO, is presenting to stakeholders - the Association Players Summer Transfers figures for the current season 2022-23.

  • Ms. Verdadero wanted to create this presentation in Power Point but has decided to use Power BI for her presentation.
  • Ms. Verdadero has made a specific request for the report pages size of 1920:1080 pixels.
  • Ms. Verdadero wants an Intro Page with a seamless navigation bar to transition between pages. She has no problem whether, this is vertical or horizontal and has hinted to liking pop-up menus.
  • Ms. Verdadero is looking for an impactful, slide deck style, presentation addressing the questions in the brief and accompanied by diverse visuals. She is aiming to Wow!! her audience.

Reports are not limited to any number of pages and no other restrictions, or techniques. Feel free to use all the techniques at your disposal – tooltips, drill throughs, page navigations, etc.

Important Read!!

Our project start date is Thursday, 03/11/2022 and your reports must be submitted by Thursday, 15/12/2022 no later than 11:59pm (UK Time) .

That is all for the brief!

  • Dataset

About the dataset/s

  • 1 CSV File – Season 2022_2023 Football Summer Transfers
  • 1 CSV File – Challenge 24 Data Dictionary
  • 1 PBI File – Data Model Provided (Including Data Dictionary)
  • 1 SVG File – Football Pitch
  • 1 PDF – Challenge Brief
  • Submission of Entries

To be considered within the competition, entries are due no later than 11:59pm GMT (UK Time) on Thursday, 15 December 2022.


If you are not already following Enterprise DNA on LinkedIn please do so and join our challenge group at 

How to submit: 


Email the completed PBIX file to :

[email protected]
[email protected]

Take an image of your report and post it to the Enterprise Challenges Group


If you are a platform member, take an image and the “Publish to Web URL” of your report, then post them to the Enterprise DNA forum. If you are not a member of Enterprise DNA learning platform do the same in the Enterprise DNA Challenges Group.

Take the image plus URL and post them on LinkedIn tagging Enterprise DNA to say, I accepted the Enterprise DNA challenge.”

Please use the following tags.

#EDNADataChallenge #EDNASportFootballSoccer

We always encourage all participants to do a brief description of how they approach the project and share their experience of participating in the challenge and sharing it on the forum/social media.

If you need any help with publishing, please reach out to one of the team manager for assistance (post in the forum/LinkedIn group or email to [email protected]

A fantastic opportunity to learn a valuable skill of being able to produce Sports Report within Power BI.

The techniques covered here are massively reusable across the board. 

Get involved! 

Any issues or questions please reach out. 

Federico Pastor

Enterprise DNA