Platform Access

Jira IT Service Desk Analysis

A great opportunity to work with data from Jira build a report around IT tickets
Insurance Complaints

An excellent opportunity for you to use Power BI to produce insights for management level that can highlight any issues and prepare them for the audit

Winner Announcement

Challenge 8 did not fail to disappoint. When we were looking at the dataset there were some reservations as to what the outputs might be but boy there were some amazing entries that presented some powerful analysis on data taken from a live JIRA system and the only change applied being the anonymisation of PI data.

The standard of work produced was absolutely impeccable there were just so many great reports where every participant had managed to stamp their mark in their own unique way.

It was super difficult to pick a winner, while reviewing I was seriously thinking there were a number of entries that on other challenges would have been winning entries such was the standard.

Learning Objectives

A remarkable improvement in the standards week on week. Better analysis, better design, better DAX. My point is everybody must start somewhere.

Now I know we have a little bit of a competitive edge in picking a winner, however, I want reiterate that this is not the primary purpose of the challenge but rather to create a platform where we can learn, get hands on with data and scenarios that are challenges in the industry. Every challenge brings its own nuances and learning opportunities and its really there for you to make of it what you want.

Not interested in building a complete report, focus on creating the data model, pick DAX, get involved in the conversation there are just so many angles that you can come at from and I want to encourage you all to pick a task that you will work on over the course of the next challenge and get involved.

Take the opportunity to learn from one of the most active and forward-thinking communities out there. The support available is just unbelievable we have so many resources available to suit whatever your learning style is.

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Greg Philps
1st Place

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Zoe Douglas
2rd Place

Mudassir Syed Rashid Ali
3nd Place

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