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Formula 1 Analysis

An excellent opportunity for you to follow along and see how to develop a really good data model in Power BI

Winner Announcement

Oh we’ve also just finished the 15th installment of the Enterprise DNA challenge! WOW, WOW, WOW!

It did not fail to disappoint (unfortunately couldn’t say the same for the farce that was this weeks race) as always there was some amazing submissions and the work on display was of an impeccable standard and the bar is raised again as to what’s possible within power bi.

A massive thank you and well done to all of you who participated. Working with open-source data is no easy task yet every single submission had managed to craft a report from data that at a glance looks easy but does have some quirks and issues that need to be resolved.

There were some amazing shares from the community around approaches taken and a real opportunity to learn from some of the best in the game at how they tackled the problem.

Learning Objectives

So an excellent opportunity for you to follow along and see how to develop a really good data model in power bi.

Building a data model for many is the trickiest aspect of power bi development however as many can attest it's also one of the most important aspects and a good data model can make everything else easier.

So a great opportunity to take a dataset that most of us have never seen or used before and create a comprehensive data model followed by some reporting.

The task isn’t prescriptive, and we really want to see what you make of this dataset and the variety of insights you can pull.
There is a single requirement that it must be a ONE page report!

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Gustaw Dudek
Overall Winner

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Mayur Pawar
Non-member Winner

Joaly Bocher
Newcomer Winner

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