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Environmental Data Reporting

A great opportunity to learn an invaluable skill of being able to produce and create reports of real unmasked data that is currently being studied to address real-world environmental problems

Winner Announcement

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in this month’s challenge. We had a great response with an array of terrific entries that beautifully represented to the stakeholders the analytical and visualization capabilities of Power BI.

Also, the diversity of approaches taken provided them with a great outcome whereby they can take the best elements of each report, and produce an outstanding product that exactly meets their needs.

In our conversations with the stakeholders following submission of the entries, the final point loomed large in the judging. Often in judging the Challenge entries, we put a high weight on technical virtuosity, and while that may be appropriate in some instances, in this particular challenge a premium was placed on simplicity, in order that the report be easily readable and interpretable by each audience specified in the brief.

Some of the more complex entries, while incredibly impressive in many ways, were deemed by the stakeholders to be difficult to interpret for the non-data science audience.

Learning Objectives

We’ve got a really interesting one for you this month. This is the first time we’ve done a challenge based on environmental data, and the information provided is real, unmasked data that is currently being studied to address real-world environmental problems.

Thus, in addition to honing your Power BI skills, you actually have the ability in this challenge to potentially influence the manner in which this data is visualized and reported.

For those of you who’ve been looking for a way to build a portfolio to advance your career or elevate your profile, there’s no better way to do so than within this challenge, where you can get feedback from the community, eDNA experts and Sam McKay, and in the end produce a complete reporting solution that addresses real-world, important issues.

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Tim Weinzapfel
Overall Winner

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Fernando Moreira
Non-member Winner

Paul Gerber
Newcomer Winner

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