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Emergency Services Analytics

An excellent opportunity for you to analyze and develop a really good data model for emergency services analytics

Winner Announcement

A massive well done to everyone who took part in challenge 14, I salute you for taking the plunge and giving up your valuable time to participate.

We are covering some serious ground in these challenges and have had some great variety from various industries and scenarios.

It was a seriously difficult task picking the winner. Every single entry had some excellent components.

I just want to take a moment to appreciate the Enterprise DNA expert team that continuously provides our community with amazing support and opportunities to learn. Without a doubt some of the best Power BI developers across the globe!

Learning Objectives

The challenge was designed with a view that it would allow for us to bring to you great scenarios and data problems which would resonate with industry and allow you to focus in and practice and fine tune your skill set.

It would provide the perfect blend of implementing learnt knowledge while also challenging your understanding.

We at Enterprise DNA are massive of believers of getting your hands dirty and getting stuck into the problems head on.

We really want more of you to get stuck in to the challenges and as such are keen to hear any thoughts and ideas about how we can get more of you involved.

The challenges provide the perfect playground for you test, learn, share, and collaborate with some of the best minds in power bi.

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Hossein Seyedagha
Overall Winner

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Tim Weinzapfel
Member Winner

Sam Crowson
Member Winner

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