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An excellent opportunity for you to create a report or dashboard to help management visualize what is happening

Winner Announcement

An amazing effort across the board by all those who have participated. We are going from strength to strength with the challenge and I for one can definitely say that every challenge has presented me with a couple of golden nuggets which I can take away and consider in my work going forward.

The number of you taking the time out to document your thought process is also growing and this is something we at Enterprise DNA encourage you to do. Recording your work, writing a post, even a voice recording seriously whatever suits you.

While the challenge is the same for all, our backgrounds and experience are not. Therefore in documenting your work we can understand the thought process behind the report and expand our analytical abilities and critical thinking.

So I encourage you going forward to get involved and share your thoughts and thinking when working on a challenge. Any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to shout!

Learning Objectives

The challenges are selected to help demonstrate the capabilities of power bi and how flexible you can be with its use. There are many elements to the challenge, and we encourage you to extract and focus on activities that you are particularly struggling with be that power query, DAX, design etc.

Enterprise DNA firmly believes that practice is one of the best ways to improve your skillset and speed up your learning journey. We know from experience that tackling problems further enhance this journey. With this in mind, the challenges create the perfect opportunity for you to implement and apply these principles.

We are always looking to improve and are keen to listen to any feedback or thoughts you may have. So feel free to either post a comment in the forum or reach out to me.

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Alex Badiu
1st Place

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Harsh Nathani

2nd Place

Jarrett Moore
3rd Place

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