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An excellent opportunity for you to create a Power BI report that gives insights on customer behaviour

Winner Announcement

The number of people participating is growing, which is great to see, it's open to everyone whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new beginner it’s a great opportunity to learn and grow. So please feel free to invite others to join (even if they don’t have a subscription they can participate).

It was great to see feedback, tips, and tricks being shared in the forum and that’s what the whole challenge is about—collaboration between individuals trying to master their Power BI skills.

The challenge is all about what you make of it and there are some great opportunities to enhance your profile.

I believe we can share more about how we went about the project. Share ideas and get feedback on how we can get better at our work in Power BI.

Learning Objectives

One of the amazing things around the challenge is the variety of participants and their backgrounds. Sharing thoughts and ideas from individuals with different background and expertise allows us to improve our vision of what’s possible and how we can sometimes see the same problem in a different light.

I would love for more of you to get involved in this aspect of the challenge I know several you did share some great insights around your development, and it was great to see and very insightful. Please don’t be shy to ask any questions about sharing your thoughts.

A quote stolen from one of Sam’s post but one that resonates well with my self and captures the true beauty of working on these challenges.

“This diversity of thought is what is really going to take our members analytical abilities and critical thinking to another level.”

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Brian Julius
1st Place

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Mbacham Ambeh Walter

2nd Place

Nebiyu Sahlu
3rd Place

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