Platform Access

Currency Conversion and More

A great opportunity to produce a report that gives the user the ability to select a currency and see the

associated sales and cost

Winner Announcement

The 9th instalment did not fail to disappoint another demonstration of the awesome community we have and are developing. The standard of work being produced is truly outstanding.

The creativity, vision, craft and stories being told in the entries is astounding and a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to understand what power bi is and the possibilities.

I want to applaud and congratulate all entrants for taking the time out to get in involved in these challenges and providing so many of us the incredible learning opportunities.

I think one thing that I feel is necessary for me to mention and reiterate every week is the benefits of participating and the impact it can have on your development. We at Enterprise DNA truly believe that getting hands on and practicing with real scenarios is the fastest way to mastery. So I again encourage you all to try and get involved with the challenge in some capacity.

We’ve got some exciting and innovative things lined up for the challenge so please do get involved.

Learning Objectives

We started the challenge to help provide an opportunity to get hands on and implement the skills that you are learning.
We are continuously trying to improve and enhance the challenge offering at Enterprise DNA and that’s why there are going to be some super exciting changes coming in the near future.

We truly believe that the challenge is an excellent opportunity for all our members and non-members to get involved and enhance their Power BI capabilities. We already have a number of excellent prizes and categories available, but we’ve got some seriously cool stuff lined up and its coming soon so watch this space!

I know I keep banging on about it, but we really want more of you to get involved in this and were definitely trying to listen and ensure that the challenge is accessible to all.

As always if you have any suggestions or comments, we are always happy to listen. Please feel free to reach out to myself or the Enterprise DNA team.

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Alex Badiu
1st Place

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Zoe Douglas
3rd Place

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