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Covid 19 Reporting

An excellent opportunity for you to use Power BI for creating a one-page data report for Covid-19 analysis

Winner Announcement

It was seriously a tough call there were some brilliant reports produced that were both aesthetically pleasing, with the analysis and insight second to none.

I can seriously say that the challenges to date have showcased some of the best Power BI reports available across the globe.

This challenge was no different I’m always learning more about the art of possible and with every challenge I come away thinking wow I didn’t know that was even possible. Amazing learning without even participating (wink, wink, nudge, nudge review the submissions).

The winner this week has produced a report that “wouldn’t look out of place on Sky News”, “should replace the existing JHU dashboard”, “needs to be seen by the Power BI world”.

Learning Objectives

So as you’re all aware there is currently a little something known as CV19 that is changing the face of the world as we know it.

Businesses and livelihoods are trying to cope as best as they can, so what is the current status of CV19 across the globe and for any selected country? Is it getting better, worse, do we need to take some action?

Well now hopefully you as an analyst can help!

There are some amazing resources available online covering the CV19 pandemic and none better than the John Hopkins University (JHU) reporting which is used across the globe to report cases, deaths, and recoveries.

They haven’t only produced a great dashboard they have also made the data that sits behind it openly available.

So we are going to now use this data and create our very own dashboard in Power BI.

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